April 7, 2018

5 Steps For Food if Your Fridge Goes Out

Guest Post by Craig Caudill

Prepping for any TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) has become pretty popular these days. Folks who live in the cities are not ready to move into the mountains, but still want to have as much knowledge as possible about urban preparedness. This article will address one of the aspects of preparation for some catastrophe that results in the power grid going down or possibly a simple, albeit extended power outage.

What do you do with all that food in the fridge? You must prioritize which foods you will consume first by the order in which will perish first.

·       Fruits and vegetables are likely going to be some of the most perishable items in your fridge and they will need to be eaten first. These foods are also very healthy and will help give your body a boost in the nutrition department.

·       Next, it is time to eat the meat you may have in the freezer. However, you do not need to eat it all within a couple of hours. If you leave the door closed, the freezer will maintain its temperature for up to 24 hours at least, maybe longer.

·       If you can, preserve that meat by salting, jerking or drying it. This will give you a nice food supply to fall back on. It would be a good idea to read up on this now.

·       Processed foods, i.e. packaged meats and such, are next in line. These can last a little longer because of all the preservatives they are packed with.

·       Lastly, you will want to eat your canned goods. Any other food you may have stocked that is designed for long-term storage can also be eaten after you have exhausted your refrigerator supply.

This information may seem pretty simple, but in an emergency situation, you may not be thinking clearly. Modern conveniences have relaxed our awareness levels and if you were to lose power, it is possible you would not be prepared to think about going days without a refrigerator.

 Craig Caudill is the instructor for the survival themed website Dan’s Depot.


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  1. Another thing to remember if you have time in advance of a power failure, turn your freezer and fridge to their lowest settings to get them as cold as possible. We also keep all of the extra space in our large freezer filled with frozen small water bottles. This helps maintain the temp and if the power goes out, the freezer stays cold longer. When we are getting ready for a bad storm, we take all of the food from our fridge freezer and put it into the large freezer. Then we make sure all of the space is filled with frozen bottles of water and turn the temp down to its coldest setting. We also fill the fridge freezer with bottles of water and freeze. These will be used to keep the fridge food cold longer during a power outage.

    • Hi connie, Canning and dehydrating would certainly save those fresh foods from going bad. They take time to learn but definitely worth it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the blog regarding eating after the power goes out. I am enjoying your information and weekly blogs.

  3. We lost power for 3 days last summer, it was 106° here. Some friends had power a block over but my husband refused to take the food over there. We lost almost everything. Now I have a plan of action. If we can get ice we will and start with dairy except cheese which will be waxed, then fruit and veggies. All meat will be canned or cooked and salted. Frozen dinners will also be part of the things to go first. Some things will be ok at room temp, it also depends on the weather. If it’s cold I can load everything up in coolers and put outside.

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