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4 Comments on Contact Me

  1. Nice Blog. I just found it today. Lots of good material. I find its hard to stockpile much in an apartment and certainly not in the amounts suggested for Mormons.
    Keep up the good work


    • Thanks, I hope you will find helpful info. Living in an apartment it is not possible to store the recommended year’s worth of food in the small space. Just find a comfortable amount: start with 2 weeks worth, then a month, and if you still have some space, 2-3 months. You will still feel a lot more secure than before.

  2. One thing people can do is to determine how much of something they use. My wife and I did not have real good idea about how much we used common items like soap or toilet paper or other useful items. For a few months we kept a log of everytime we opened a new package or a bar of soap. Now we have a good idea of what a years supply of most things are. Of course we will conserve if troubles come but it is nice to have a baseline for planning.

    • Florida Joe, that is a great step you took by keeping track of what you use. Many times people skip this step, resulting in too much of unnecessary stuff, and too little of what you really need. Thanks for the comment!

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