October 14, 2017

Are We in a Double Dip Recession?

The news today is cautiously optimistic that a debt ceiling deal is close at hand.  That would appear to be a positive.  On the other hand, I am seeing other in other news there are fears we are now entering a double dip recession.  See “10 Signs the Double Dip Recession as Begun http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43946055/ns/business-us_business/

A double dip recession is when a country falls back into recession just when it was in recovery.  As you will recall, economists proclaimed the recession was over in 2009 when the economy “officially” showed positive signs of picking up.  Many people feel the recession never really ended, and it is just getting worse.

Prices for essential items are increasing, unemployment is still high, and the housing market is still in the dumps.   People have not recovered from losing their livelihood and life savings.   There seems to be a disconnect between what we hear in the news, and what we can see around us.  See Living Out There Blog “Road Trip” http://ajournalofselfsufficiency.blogspot.com/2011/07/road-trip.html

Economists can quibble over their definitions, and whether we are officially in or out of the woods.  I prefer to look around and make my own conclusions.   Now more than ever, we have to protect ourselves from a worse economic crisis.  I’m not trying to scare anyone, I like to stay on the positive side.

  • See “If You Haven’t Started Preparing by Now” http://wp.me/p1dmhM-vY.  
  • Get out and stay out of debt. 
  • Buy tangible items your family will benefit from (water, food, daily essential supplies). 
  • Save some cash. 
  • Trim the fat out of your monthly expenses.  
  • Find a way to earn extra money.   
  • Learn skills that help you less dependent on others such as cooking your own food,  washing your own clothes instead of going to the cleaners,  grooming your pet etc. 
  • Find entertainment that is low cost or free.

You may be powerless to change the direction the economy is headed, but you we can choose ways to help yourself and your family cope with the difficulties a double dip recession brings.


11 Comments on Are We in a Double Dip Recession?

  1. I certainly feel like we are headed toward another recession if not already there; and after the article you just posted to read, I’m almost positive of it!

    • I hope we are wrong and it is actually getting better. I just have a feeling it’ll be a while before it actually does.

  2. No double dip, in the same one AND it’s getting worse. It’s not going to get better with another QE too. I have trimmed back as much as we can and we still cannot make ends meet. Just had a rent increase of $125 a month. Surely will be in a tent soon.

    • I suspect it never left myself. We are seeing a rent increase as well. It’s all very worrisome.

  3. As far as I can tell, there’s been a foggy agreement to raise the debt ceiling by 3 trillon, make 3 trillon worth of cuts. That would leave the original 14 trillon untouched, with us paying interest on it. Nor does anyone I know believe this will actually happen no matter what the circus masters in D.C. proclaim.

    • Agree with you there russell1200, never really got out of the first one, now it’s just getting worse.

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