May 31, 2016

“Pardon Our Dust”

May 28, 2016 aptprepper 0

This post is by Bernie Carr, As you may have noticed, Apartment Prepper is undergoing a blog redesign.  Since I am spending time cleaning up the site, and making much needed changes, I have not added a new article in the last couple of days.  Rather than take the blog off-line, I opted to keep it running while doing all the behind-the-scenes work.  So if you happen to visit and see things in disarray, please excuse the mess.  The […]

A Week Without Running Water

May 25, 2016 aptprepper 5

  This post is by Bernie Carr, We recently traveled to a camp site up in the mountains in New Mexico.  The website indicated the area would have potable water, but when we arrived, we found it did not actually have potable water.   Fortunately, we had brought a water filter “just in case” Here are some lessons learned from spending a week without running water. Refillable containers become really, really important We brought a five gallon collapsible water container […]

Money Mondays: What’s It Like to Visit a Gold Dealer?

May 23, 2016 aptprepper 5

  This post is by Bernie Carr, Many prepper sites recommend buying gold as part of your portfolio.  On the other hand, many other people have never thought about buying gold, and have never gone to a place that buys and sells gold.  I had an opportunity to visit a gold dealer during my lunch hour a few days ago.  My co-worker, who is a coin collector, mentioned he was on his way to the gold dealer to check […]

How to Think Like a Thief and Save Yourself

May 20, 2016 aptprepper 6

  This post is by Bernie Carr, I’ve been receiving emails from the building manager regarding other tenants who have been robbed this past week.  We live in a gated community, in a quiet neighborhood, yet burglaries still happen.  I’ve written about this subject before, but the issue has surfaced yet again.  One tenant’s car was stolen right in the parking lot by our building, and another unit got broken into in the middle of the day. Building management […]

ALPS Comfort Series Self-inflating Pad Review

May 18, 2016 aptprepper 1

  The review of the ALPS Comfort pad is a result of working with the team of, a website that reviews airbeds and sleeping pads. A word about ALPS Mountaineering The Mountaineering is just one of the sub-brands of the ALPS company. It manufactures hiking and camping gear – anything from tents, chairs, tents to airbeds and sleeping pads. It was started by Denis Brune in the early 1990s, a guy who run the Kelty backpack company before starting […]

Money Mondays: Credit Scores and Prepping

May 16, 2016 aptprepper 1

  This post is by Bernie Carr, There are always a lot of prepper discussions about relocating to a safer area, or purchasing rural property, but there is one factor that is often left out:  actually qualifying to buy or lease that place.  Whether you are an apartment dweller or home owner who is trying to move, there is one thing, besides income, that will always be a requirement when you are ready to apply for a lease or […]

Prepper’s Communication Handbook – Review and Giveaway

May 13, 2016 aptprepper 8

This post is by Bernie Carr, Today we are looking at Prepper’s Communication Handbook by Jim Cobb.  Jim has been featured on Apartment Prepper a number of times, as he has written many books on preparedness: Prepper’s Survival Hacks: 50 DIY Projects for Lifesaving Gear, Gadgets and Kits.  Countdown to Preparedness, Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide just to name a few.  You can also find him in Prepper’s Communication Handbook deals with a subject that is often left out of […]

Uses for Paracord You Didn’t Know About

May 11, 2016 aptprepper 1

  This post is by Bernie Carr, What is paracord? Paracord is often cited as an essential item in a prepper’s tool box. It is a lightweight nylon cord that was used for parachutes in World War II. It is also known as 550 cord, as it is rated to hold up to 550 pounds. Paracord is somewhat elastic; it is composed of inner strands and an outer nylon sheath. Paracord has multiple emergency uses such as stringing tarp […]

Can Apartment Preppers be More Self-Sufficient? Interview with Author LeAnn Edmondson

May 9, 2016 aptprepper 2

This post is by Bernie Carr, Last week we featured a review and giveaway of Aftermath II, A Story of Survival. Today I am delighted to share an interview with the author, LeAnn Edmondson.  LeAnn writes the blog Homestead Dreamer.  Having been an apartment prepper herself, she knows all about the challenges of preparing for emergencies in an apartment, as well as some encouraging words for those of us who aspire be more self-sufficient. 1.  A person who is […]

Aftermath II – Review and Giveaway

May 6, 2016 aptprepper 7

This post is by Bernie Carr, Today we are featuring Aftermath II by L. M. Edmondson.  We previously featured the first book in the series, Aftermath. Here is a quick description from Amazon: A world-changing event has taken place and with seventy percent of the world’s population believed to be dead, the first winter after IT happened will prove to be a bigger challenge to survive than the disaster itself. Jimmy Walker has banded together with other survivors in […]

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