January 21, 2017

Breaking in your “Walk out of the City” Shoes

In my last post “If You Have to Walk Out of the City”  I mentioned you should break in your walking shoes now, well before any emergency happens.  This may sound unimportant and boring, but believe it or not, your survival could depend on your ability to walk for a long period of time, and shoes that do not fit could delay or prevent you from getting to safety.

One problem that ill-fitting shoes could cause are blisters.  Left untreated, blisters can be very painful and even get infected.  Other problems that could occur are sore or bruised toes, sprained ankles etc.

Here are tips that I found helpful for breaking in your shoes:

  1. Make sure you have good socks.  Wool socks are the best.
  2. First, wear the shoes around the house for a couple of days.
  3. Then, wear the shoes when you go on short errands for another three days.
  4. If you feel a blister coming on, take off your shoe and place a band-aid or moleskin pad in the area of discomfort, hopefully before the blister forms.  Do not wait until you are in pain to do this.
  5. Go on a short walk around your neighborhood.
  6. Finally, take some small hikes, starting with a mile or two, then go on longer hikes when you start feeling comfortable.  The shoes have molded to your feet and are now broken in.

I have read advice in some sites recommending you should break in shoes the quick way by submerging them in water then letting them dry around your feet.  However, this may shorten the life of your shoes, so I myself did not do this and do not recommend it.

Just walk in them gradually and they will become more and more comfy.  Besides keeping your feet happy, a side benefit is, you are also getting into shape.  Being in shape can greatly aid in your survival as well, but we can discuss that at another time.

4 Comments on Breaking in your “Walk out of the City” Shoes

  1. I find a good quick fix for blisters if I do not have moleskin on me is duct tape. I tear a piece of tape off the roll, and then another larger one. I stick the smaller one sticky side to sticky side so the smooth side of the smaller piece covers the blister completely. I then stick the larger piece completely covering the blister, making sure that the exposed sticky side of the larger piece does not touch the blister and tear the skin. You could probably use a couple of band aids instead of duct tape to cover the blister, but I would recommend adding duct tape over the band aids to act as a thick temporary layer of skin until you can tend to the blister. This actually works quite well if you are in a bind.

    • Duct tape is a lot easier to come by, and cheaper than moleskin. I will have to try it next time I get a blister. Thanks for a great idea!!

  2. Good advice!

    As a runner, they say you shouldn’t need to “break in” your running shoes. You just need to try on a gazillion pairs until you find the right ones that fit! lol But for Get Out of Dodge shoes, you probably don’t want to spend five hours in a shoe store. 😉

  3. Great article.

    I am looking to get a couple pair of hiking shoes – and the steps you listed make a lot of sense.

    Also – I have never tried moleskin – have always doubled up a couple of band-aides on blisters. Will have to check it out.

    Thx – Rourke

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