October 14, 2017

Busy Days Ahead

A busy week is ahead, with work deadlines looming and lots of kids’ school projects and activities.  I’ll be posting articles, but may not get a chance to respond to comments promptly.  Please don’t take it badly if I am delayed, I value everyone’s comments and appreciate each one (except for spam and ads).  Thanks for stopping by!

4 Comments on Busy Days Ahead

  1. I live in an apartment( in a not-so-lovely area) and starting to buy extra food and water when I can. My worry and concern is when TSHTF and there is civil unrest (which I know there will be) what will happen to my food and water supply? I live around a lot of “undesirables” who will probably stop at nothing to break into my dwelling and steal what I have. Also I worry about my apartment burning and everything I will have worked so hard for, will be gone. Don’t advise me to move because I can’t, I am stuck here because I can’t afford to move and rent is even higher everywhere else, so that is not an option. It’s me and my kids and I’m not willing to take on a roommate either to help with costs (I do not want strangers in my home). I am 50 years old and have been there and done that. I have no relatives nearby, so where would be an alternate storage place for all my goods so they will be safe and easy to access on a moment’s notice?

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