February 13, 2017

A Prepper’s Pocket Guide Project in Action

Just a quick post today as we get ready for “Back to School” activities. Urbivalist Dan made the “hollowed out book safe” project # 60 from my book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.  He shows every step from start to finish, including shopping for the materials.  He did a great job with the finished product.  Check out the fun project at Daily Prep Episode 10:  Make a Hollowed Out Book Safe http://www.the-urban-survivalist.com/daily-prep-episode-10-hollowed-out-book-safe/ By the way, since there are lot of Back […]

Extreme Couponing to Boost Your Supplies

I’ve been watching that show Extreme Couponing on AMC and have to admit I am fascinated.  The show is somewhat critical of the habits of the extreme couponers, almost akin to Hoarders, but I’ve been talking to several people who have become interested in adapting some of those habits to save money or to start a stockpile.  I think many people are taking notes instead of turning their nose up at these techniques. I know some of these measures go […]

Guest Posted on Modern Survival Online

I have a guest post on Modern Survival Online “Budgeting for Supplies-The 60% Solution.” http://modernsurvivalonline.com/guest-post-budgeting-for-supplies-the-60-solution/ Modern Survival Online is one of the websites I visit frequently, so I am excited one of my articles is posted there.  Check it out!