May 31, 2016

Can an Armor Vest Protect You from Common Urban Threats?

June 25, 2014 aptprepper 2

This article was provided by Anthony, Safeguard Clothing When chaos unleashes in a city, there’s no telling whether or not you’ll be standing in the line of fire. Preparation reduces the chance that you’ll fall victim to a fatal attack. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society where treasure awaits at the end of a rainbow. Instead, guns and knives along with other harmful weapons roam the streets of urban areas, attached to perpetrators waiting to claim their next victim. […]

Review of Own the Night: a Tactical Training DVD for Preppers, Plus Giveaway

September 17, 2013 aptprepper 13

I was a bit hesitant before agreeing to review a tactical training DVD called “Own the Night”  After all, being an apartment dwelling mom, I was not sure there would be a need for “owning the night”  But after considering what can happen in the event of a large scale collapse, when no one is safe, especially at night, I thought it would be worthwhile to to find out about it. The DVD features tactical training exercises to help you […]

Is Defense the Biggest Hole in Your Preps? Read “Prepper’s Home Defense” by Jim Cobb

February 15, 2013 aptprepper 3

When starting the preparedness journey, most people focus on storing food, water and first aid supplies.  But there is one aspect of preparedness that should not be ignored, and that is defense.  You need to be able to protect yourself and your family during normal times; if a collapse happens, defense would become even more critical. Prepper’s Home Defense contains a lot of useful information without being overwhelming.   It even includes a list of commonly used acronyms that is helpful […]

Firearms for Long Term Survival

September 27, 2012 aptprepper 13

Today is Day Four of Preparedness Blog Crossover Week.  I hope you have been enjoying the series. Today’s question is:  What firearms do you feel are most appropriate for long term survival and why? I’ll be the first to admit I am not the biggest expert when it comes to firearms.  But I have read and researched enough to know at the minimum what I would have for long term survival.  I’d have a handgun for defense.  In my case […]