How to Choose a Survival Kit that’s Best for You

May 14, 2014 aptprepper 4

This post is by Bernie Carr, Hurricane season starts next month (June 1 – November 30), and one of the recommended steps to prepare is to have a survival kit. You have a couple of options:  make your own OR buy a pre-assembled survival kit.  You also need to […]

Living Ready Pocket Manual: Book Review and Giveaway

January 14, 2014 aptprepper 20

Survival Doctor James Hubbard, MD has written a new book, Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid: Fundamentals for Survival. This book will give you knowledge and skills to potentially save a life during an emergency or disaster.   Dr. Hubbard gives easy to follow step by step directions on what […]

Build your Grab and Go Binder

December 27, 2013 aptprepper 11

If you haven’t done is already, now is a good time to build your “grab and go binder.” This is your handy document keeper that you keep in a safe but accessible place that you can easily grab in the event of a dire emergency and you need to run […]

Are We Headed for Economic Hard Times?

December 5, 2013 aptprepper 7

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of dire predictions about the economy.  Whether they happen as predicted or not, it’s a good idea to pay attention to these signs. This article for Modern Survival Blog caught my eye: Major Stock Market Crash In January If you look at the chart, […]

What if Your Preps Outlive You?

June 19, 2013 aptprepper 4

This post is by Bernie Carr, Two unrelated stories caught my attention this week, which prompted me to write this article.  One story was about a California couple who found an underground 1960s fallout shelter in their backyard and the other story was about a woman who had a […]