November 23, 2017

News about My Book

I am excited to see that my new book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide:  101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster is now listed on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   The release date looks to be July 12th so far.  It is available for pre-order. The book will be available in both paperback, Kindle or Nook.  I’ve added a link on the sidebar.  Check it out!    

Another Sign of Food Inflation

This past week we picked up a few more canned goods to supplement the hurricane supplies.  I usually store the recent additions further back in the pantry, and try to use the older stock, but today I accidentally opened one of the newer cans of Beefaroni.  Actually, I am now glad I did, because I noticed something was different about the contents.  The taste was the same, but it was a lot more saucy with fewer noodles and meat than […]

Hurricane Season is Almost Here

June 1st starts hurricane season and it’s just around the corner.  We were fortunate we did not have any major hurricanes last year but this year is predicted to be another active hurricane season.  With the rough weather going on around the country you just never know.  So once again it’s time to evaluate how we’re doing in terms of hurricane preparedness: We need to pick up a few more canned goods to replace the ones we’ve rotated through.  I’d […]

Can You Evacuate in 20 Minutes?

This morning I was watching the news showing scenes of devastation from the tornado that swept across Joplin, Missouri, a city of about 50,000 people.  I last heard the tornado killed at least 116 people, and an unknown number are injured.   Many people have lost everything.  My prayers are with the residents who are still trying to get in touch with loved ones, and are dealing with the aftermath of this disaster. This got me to thinking if you have […]

New Habits I’ve Acquired

In the year of becoming interested in preparedness and starting this site, I picked up a few habits: Acquire a few emergency items each time I shop For everyday commonly used items, we now go by “Two is one and one is none.”  I get anxious when only one is left of a commonly used item so I no longer wait to resupply. Fill up the gas tank as soon as it is half full.  I used to let the […]

My Pocket-Sized First Aid Kit

A few weeks ago I posted about “Items I Carry Daily”  which included a mini First Aid kit.  I can’t tell you how many times this little kit has come in handy for me, or anyone around me who happens to need something right away.  Here is what it looks like: I got the idea from my Mom who carries her first aid items in a small wallet.  The blue container started out as a coin purse that was given […]

One More Thing to Worry About

As I was switching radio channels yesterday, a story caught my attention.  The report mentioned that infrastructure industries such as electricity, water and other utilities are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack.  I didn’t catch all the details so I checked  the Web and found:  “Study:  Threats to Critical Infrastructure Worse that Ever” I didn’t really want to find yet another thing to worry about, but not wanting to know about such things won’t change anything.  It would be quite a […]

Guest Posted on Modern Survival Online

I have a guest post on Modern Survival Online “Budgeting for Supplies-The 60% Solution.” Modern Survival Online is one of the websites I visit frequently, so I am excited one of my articles is posted there.  Check it out!  

What is “Normal?”

The ongoing crisis in Japan is getting a lot of people thinking and talking about preparedness.   Sitting around the lunch table recently, some co-workers were talking about possible disasters, and their take on preparedness. Two ladies mentioned they had bought handguns and were starting to go to the gun range.  This produced an amused, slightly nervous reaction from the table, as someone chimed in, “Well if things fall apart, we are going to your house!”  One guy mentioned he is […]

Are There Advantages for Apartment Preppers?

Now that I have been preparing for a few months, I am well aware of the disadvantages for us apartment dwellers in the big city:  lack of space is a big one, followed by management rules and inspections, overcrowding, crime, massive traffic, partnered with the ever looming possibility of getting trapped in a chaotic city when the SHTF.  The list is long, something we just have to deal with on a daily basis, so I had to pause and tell […]

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