October 14, 2017

The Most Likely Threat No One Talks About

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com A few days ago, the local news reported a massive fire in one of the apartment complexes in Houston.  Two buildings, housing 36 units were damaged, leaving around 30 families homeless just before Christmas.  Investigators suspect the cause was an electrical malfunction within one of the vacant units. Fires cause more deaths and property damage than floods, tornadoes or hurricanes.  Yet when people think about preparedness, they rarely mention the threat of fire.  […]

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag

I was very interested in checking out Prescott Fire Resistant Bag when I first heard about it. Here’s a bit of history behind the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag, as told by Roberta Flood, owner of Zquared Away: “I had a friend loose everything in a house fire including important documents, pre digital and vintage photos and a lot of scrapbooks. I had just gotten out of the Army National Guard where I was a CH47D (Chinook) helicopter pilot. We wore […]