December 9, 2016

Epic Wipes Review

October 27, 2016 aptprepper 0

This post is by Bernie Carr, I am always on the lookout for products that can help you maintain good hygiene in an emergency.  When a representative from Epic Wipes contacted me with an offer for a sample, I thought it would be a good fit for a review. Here is what a box of 10 and an individual packet looks like:   What are Epic Wipes? Epic Wipes are individually wrapped wet wipes that are 16 times larger […]

Dealing with Trash in a Disaster

April 6, 2016 aptprepper 8

This post is by Bernie Carr, A couple of weeks ago, trash pickup in our apartment complex was suspended for two days due to severe storms.  The trash compactor area quickly filled up and people were leaving trash outside the enclosed area.  The whole place was filthy and reeked of rotting garbage.  It only takes a couple of days between pickups for those apartment bins to fill up to overflowing.   It got me thinking that garbage would be a […]

Assemble a Personal Care Bucket

March 25, 2015 aptprepper 6

This post is by Bernie Carr, Five gallon buckets that are commonly used for food storage can be used to organize and store other non food items.  They are very convenient and portable, and they stack well if you get the same types.  I find they are great storage containers for small spaces. In an emergency, hygiene and personal care still need to be maintained for health reasons as well as morale.  Even if you never have an emergency, […]

Substitutes for Toilet Paper

November 4, 2014 aptprepper 52

This post is by Bernie Carr, I recently posted about being off-grid for 48 hours, and using a lot of baby wipes due to the lack of water during our adventure.  One thing that would run out quickly in a survival situation if you did not have a huge stockpile would be toilet paper.  Not having a lot of space we have about three months worth on hand right now, but that can run out quickly.  Also, a large […]

The Portable Potty Bucket

January 16, 2013 aptprepper 6

This post is by Bernie Carr, Five gallon buckets are not only great for long term food storage, they are also great for other emergency items such as personal care, and health supplies.  We posted a non-threatening way to get them to prep and clever reader Ginger came up with her gift idea to give her family this year:  the portable potty bucket.   Ginger did some research on what to include  in the buckets (here’s the You Tube […]