How to Think Like a Thief and Save Yourself

May 20, 2016 aptprepper 6

  This post is by Bernie Carr, I’ve been receiving emails from the building manager regarding other tenants who have been robbed this past week.  We live in a gated community, in a quiet neighborhood, yet burglaries still happen.  I’ve written about this subject before, but the issue has […]

How to Blend into Your Surroundings for Safety

November 19, 2015 aptprepper 7

This post is by Bernie Carr, While looking out a window one day I witnessed this lizard change color three times right before my eyes.  It started out with a grayish tinge while sitting on grey cement; then it jumped on a mossy pavement and turned green.  When it […]

Are Gated Apartments Safer?

November 7, 2015 aptprepper 7

This post is by Bernie Carr, In the local news yesterday, the lead story was about a man who was accosted by a robber as he exited his car in his apartment parking lot around midnight.   His wife and baby were still in the car when this happened:  the […]

Operational Security for Safety

August 22, 2015 aptprepper 1

This post is by Bernie Carr, Operational Security (OPSEC) is a term that is frequently used in preparedness sites.  What does it mean?  The term originated in the military, and loosely means protecting critical pieces of information about yourself, so that it is not used against you.   This information […]

How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment

June 12, 2015 aptprepper 7

By Daisy Luther This article originally appeared in The Organic Prepper The homes of many rich, famous people have a secret hidden within them.  Somewhere, in the depths of the home, is a secure room to which the residents can retreat in the event of a home invasion or violent […]

Protect your Computer and Smart Phone from Ransomware

February 12, 2015 aptprepper 1

This post is by Bernie Carr, I heard on the local news that a lot of people have been victimized by “ransomware”  According to the people who reported the crime, their computers are held hostage for ransom and unless they pay, everything in their computer or smart phone is […]

Should You Answer the Door When a Stranger Knocks?

December 4, 2014 aptprepper 14

This post is by Bernie Carr, During the holidays you may notice an increase in people coming up to your door:  leaving flyers, selling something or just being neighborly.  But you never know what their intentions are. The local constables in our area have been warning people to be […]

The #1 Rule to Avoid Being a Victim of Sliders

October 2, 2014 aptprepper 3

This morning our local news reported that several women all over town have been victimized by the latest crime wave, called “sliders.” I mentioned this a while back as a local crime, but the incidence of these crimes have become more widespread. It is happening in cities all over the country. […]

Some Simple Vigilance, Shred Your Trash

July 26, 2014 aptprepper 2

This article first appeared on Written by John,   Operational Security is key. I was talking to a retired Law Enforcement professional a few weeks ago and he commented about how he could learn almost everything he needed to know about someone by going through their garbage. They […]

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