January 21, 2017

A Week Without Running Water

May 25, 2016 aptprepper 5

  This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com We recently traveled to a camp site up in the mountains in New Mexico.  The website indicated the area would have potable water, but when we arrived, we found it did not actually have potable water.   Fortunately, we had brought a water filter “just in case” Here are some lessons learned from spending a week without running water. Refillable containers become really, really important We brought a five gallon collapsible water container […]

Monday Musings 5/11/2015: Because You Can Never have Enough Water

May 11, 2015 aptprepper 6

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links about all things preparedness, as well as updates on the blog. First the blog updates… Re-evaluating our emergency supplies  This week we are checking all our emergency supplies, and getting ready for hurricane season which starts June 1st.  Finding all sorts of interesting things, and I will post about them in a later article. Adding to our water preps  The biggest thing we […]

Walking out of the City – Water Considerations

May 10, 2011 aptprepper 7

A few weeks ago I posted about taking day hikes with the family – see Testing Out Our Gear.  That first time we were able to hike four miles.  We’ve decided to continue the day hikes as a good way to get into shape as well as break in our hiking shoes (see Breaking in your Walk out of the City Shoes).  Since then we have taken a few more hikes, and actually feel we are making progress.  Even the […]