What We Did to Find Extra Cash this Week

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The previous month has been tight, budget wise.  To find additional funds to add to the prepping budget, we went on a “No spending week.”

Here is what we did:

  • Take out enough cash for gas during the week.  You know roughly how much gas you use to get to and from work, and possibly an errand or two.  That’s it.
  • Pay bills that are due normally (I would never recommend getting behind on your bills for any reason.)
  • No spending for groceries that week.  We used whatever was already in the freezer, refrigerator and pantry but did not break into the emergency food storage.
  • No eating out.
  • No shopping for any new items or for entertainment.  Avoid spending even on small items such as request for birthday lunches for coworkers, cookie sales etc.

How did we do?

We did surprisingly well.  To tell you the truth, I wasn’t worried about the no shopping and no entertainment spending but I was dubious about not spending any money on groceries.  I always end up running to the store for milk or other ingredients I forgot about but this time I stood firm about not buying anything at the grocery store.  I found enough ingredients in the freezer and pantry to create menu items, substituting when necessary.  We ran out of chips and other snacks but otherwise did not feel deprived at all.  I needed to send a birthday card in the middle of the week, but instead of going to the card shop, I created a handmade card instead.

Cash savings:

No Grocery shopping:  $100

Not eating out:  $25

Gas savings from limiting errands  $20

I’ve received emails in the past from readers who feel they are unable to prep due to lack of funds.  I hope this idea helps others find other ways to save money for prepping.  I honestly thought this would be too difficult for a family to do, but it turned out to be very doable.


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5 thoughts on “What We Did to Find Extra Cash this Week

  1. Just using cash only helps a lot. Choose to leave the credit card at home! My only concern with your plan was with no grocery shopping because that food does need to be replaced eventually.

    • Hey milleniumfly, We’ve put away the credit cards a while ago, and just use cash, or debit. I felt the same way in the beginning about running out and not being able to replace items, but during the week, the no grocery shopping experience forced us to to be creative and use stuff that was already around.

  2. I work in retail, and I am constantly amazed at how many people try to put trivial things on their credit cards. Which my store does not accept. A large number of people waste gobs of money too, on scratch lottery tickets. After 8 hours of watching people spend $30 or more on these tickets and then tell their children they cannot have a treat because they’re broke, I’m ready to commit homicide! I’m a big fan of getting creative with what’s already in the cupboards, pantry and freezer. I think a lot of people would benefit by menus and pre-planning. Thanks for a great piece of inspiration, Bernie!

    • Hi Carolyn, I imagine it’s easy to get to feeling “broke” after spending on all these trivial things. It was a good experience to try and get creative with what we already had. Thanks for the comment!

  3. It is pretty surprising how much money you spend on small things. I find my best way to save money is to not keep cash on me. I know if I have cash on me, i’ll find something to spend it on.

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