December 2, 2016

Even when the News Improves, Prepare Anyway

There was much rejoicing in Wall Street today, after the Federal Reserved announced that interest rates will stay low for an “extended period,” and the Dow closed with a 429-point gain.  I am sure investors are feeling a degree of relief after two days of free falling.  Does this signal that things are looking up and good times are here again?  Not so fast.  Even the Fed indicated the economy will remain weak for two more years, or longer than they expected.

Now it not the time to get sidetracked.  Even on good news days, you can sit back and soak it all in, but don’t let up on your preparedness efforts.  While prices are still manageable, continue to build your food storage, water and essential supplies.  While you have a job or other source of income,  continue set aside emergency cash.  While times are fairly peaceful, find a way to increase your security.   Things can change quickly; if and when they do, you will be glad you continued to prepare anyway.


10 Comments on Even when the News Improves, Prepare Anyway

  1. Smoke and mirrors. The FED has their hands in this and know exactly what they are doing. It’s a manipulated market. Don’t rely on mainstream news for truthful information. You will not find it there. Prep more than you ever have because we are on borrowed time with the economy. Not doom and gloom , just a realist.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I just hope others don’t let up on preparing, because things look like they’re improving.

  2. Rollercoaster time, today we’re down again. One thing stays consistent, the uncertainty. Prepardness is the only resonable conclusion.

  3. I’m reading this on Wednesday and it looks like you were right. Last time I checked the market was down 400. I don’t think a day, or a week, or even several months is going to sort out the mess. Just have to go along for the ride I guess.

    • Things are so unpredictable right now, the only thing we can count on for a sense of stability is ourselves and our own efforts.

  4. After losing a bundle (and retirement funds) in 2008 and 2009, I leave Wall Street investments to the foolish. Been there, done that. As of this moment, the market is once again down by over 500 points. I am in 100% agreement that we continue to abide by our prepping mindset – for us, it is business as usual.

    — Gaye

    • I think we’ve all had our own share of losses, Gaye, which is why we wisely stay out of the market. Seeing what happened in the market today reinforces we should stay the course.

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