September 24, 2017

Extreme Couponing to Boost Your Supplies

I’ve been watching that show Extreme Couponing on AMC and have to admit I am fascinated.  The show is somewhat critical of the habits of the extreme couponers, almost akin to Hoarders, but I’ve been talking to several people who have become interested in adapting some of those habits to save money or to start a stockpile.  I think many people are taking notes instead of turning their nose up at these techniques.

I know some of these measures go the “extreme” and thus the title, but if done in moderation, and never to the point of obsession, I can see how using coupons, combining deals and taking advantage of store sales could really help.  Of course I do not advocate  dishonest measures, missing out on important family events or rude treatment of cashiers as occasionally shown on the show.  We all know reality shows are built around various cut scenes so one never knows the full extent of the truth.

All in all I think if it helps people get in the habit of stockpiling, whether to save money,  prepare for emergencies, donate to charity of all of the above, if kept within reason, then I see nothing wrong with it.


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  1. I’d love to do extreme couponing. First to stockpile supplies, and then to donate the rest to charity. I’ve also watched many of the episodes of that show, but all I’ve seen so far are people who spend countless tens of hours weekly collecting and collating coupons. Although the net cost of goods is slightly higher, extreme couponing can be done in much less time if one just uses a coupon clipping service, which can be found on the net. How’s that work? First, get the sunday flyers and see what’s on sale for the week. Then check with the coupon clipper services to see what applicable coupons are available. Then order as many of each coupon as you want, and they usually charge pennies on the dollar for them. Get the coupons later in the week, and then go Extreme Couponing! That’s it. Simple, easy, and a LOT less time consuming, which is offset by the cost of the voupons.

  2. I’ve done “extreme couponing” (the show is ridiculous and nothing like real couponing) for the last 3 years and grown my stockpile twice with it, both food and toiletries for next to nothing. With inflation the way it, its the only way to shop.

    Unfortunately for you, thanks to EC kroger changed it’s coupon policy for the Houston area and no there are no stores that double coupon in that region. You can get into the coupon game to get toiletries. Check out for an idea of the freebies you can get that way.

    Example of use…. i get a lot of trial size products for free. my favorites are the one use pouches of tide detergent. I can pack them in a suitcase when traveling or stash one in a BOB. PERFECT!

  3. It really is amazing how much stuff you can get on the cheap or even free with the right coupon/sale combinations. I’m using it stock up on toiletries and even OTC medicines and such, as well as nonperishable foods. Yes, I think some of the people on that show are a little addicted to what they do. No one needs a whole shelf of toothpaste; how could they possibly use it all before it goes out of date? But couponing is definitely a resource that can and should be utilized within bounds, for any (or all) of the reasons you listed in your last paragraph.

  4. I use coupons but am not extreme about it. I probably save $10 to $15 most weeks with coupons on average. But I figure, hey, it means I can buy another $10 of canned goods to add to my preps or whatever. Every bit helps, right?

  5. There is something I noticed lately in regards to coupons… it may be cyclical, but I noticed that this round of Sunday papers didn’t have nearly as many food coupons in it as past issues have. Most of the grocery stores nowadays have shifted from coupons to posting “3 day” and “4 day” specials in their ads. One of them had their coupons with extremely short expiration dates as well 🙁

    OTOH, manufacturer coupons (and the inserts that contained them) are still pretty plentiful.

  6. you are right, there were less food coupons this go round. but that’s not uncommon in the summer. most people drastically change their eating/cooking styles in the summer. many more grill cooked meats and salads eaten and much less boxed, heavy foods.

    summer is the time to stock up on condiments… mustard, ketchup, etc.. and paper products… paper plates, napkins, etc..

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