First Giveaway of the Year: The Snare-Vival Trap

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As I mentioned in my most recent blog update, we will try to host at least one giveaway a month.  Today I am happy to announce our first one this year.  We are giving away ONE Snare-Vival Trap by Camping Survival.


What is It?

The Snare-Vival-Trap™ is a pocket sized survival snare system that can be used to capture wild game or fish.   Weighing only 1.12 oz, it can fit easily in your pocket or your bug out bag.  When in the stowed configuration the Snare-Vival-Trap™ is only 1.56″ in diameter and .135″ thick.  See additional product specifications and instructions for use at Camping Survival.

To Win

Simply post a comment below regarding any one of the following topics:

-what you would use the Snare-Vival trap for

-other creative uses for this snare

Deadline for entries is 8 pm Central, Saturday, January 12th.  Winner will be chosen via a random drawing and will be announced soon after.

I admit I have never personally used a snare and am looking forward to reading all your comments. Good luck and thanks for entering!


Find products that are equally functional for wilderness survival as well as urban preparedness at Camping Survival:

For beginning preppers


ReadyMade Resources is a trusted source for your preparedness supplies:


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18 thoughts on “First Giveaway of the Year: The Snare-Vival Trap

  1. This snare is awesome! My husband is an avid trapper but the snares are large, cumbersome, and ours are getting old. This would be great in a BOB or get-home-bag and by looking at the video they are easy to use. I have trouble with traditional snares because I can never get them set up correctly!

  2. I’d practice with the Snare-Vival and then review it on my blog. But I would be concerned about catching a cat or other unintended critter. Maybe I’d have to put it in tree or something where a crow or rat would be more likely get in it then someones pet?

  3. I would use it to catch squirrels as they ran down my privacy fence for dinner. I would also use it at my grandfathers to catch the pesky rabbit that get into his garden. All in all it would catch dinner rotating what I eat.

  4. I would use the snare to teach the teenagers I metor(19) how to properly catch game and dispatch it humanely. A good snare will hold the animal with out causing it unneccesary harm. I have lived off the land for almost 40yrs, and I am very interested in trying this Snare-Vival trap to see just how far we have come in snare design. I currently use Spiderwire to make snares. It would be an honor to win a Snare-Vival trap. I have used snares to catch not just mamals, but I also use it to catch wild iguanas & catfish

  5. I’m not even gonna lie — I live just outside of a pretty dangerous city and my first thought was “I’d booby-trap the entrance to the apartment”! If it’s big enough to catch a squirrel, it’s big enough to catch a human foot, right? 😉 Just kidding. In all seriousness, I watched a video on those and it looks like I’d have an easier time with it on land than in water. It’d be great for trapping the abundance of rabbits we have around here, and if I’m in a situation where I’ve been munching on my food storage items for a few months, hasenpfeffer sure would be a yummy change of pace!

  6. I would practice setting up the many different types of snares that are in my survival book.

  7. I would use it to improve my food gathering skills by trapping squirrels and rabbits from my garden and trees.

  8. I would use the survival snare to teach others about how to snare small game on my webisite, podcast and youtube channel. I would develop a .pdf freezine (free magazine) on how to use it as well.

    As for other uses, I think this snare is a wonderful tool for potentially harvesting material underwater. Things in lakes and rivers are hard to get a hold onto. This little device cold be wrapped around the recovery item and dragged to the surface or the shoreline.

  9. I would more than likely put it in my bug out bag, mite go trapping with it(have to check state law) could cut PVC with it mabey wood. Who knows the possiblitys

    thats all Prepper X “stay prepared”

  10. In addition to looking like a neat snare, I bet it could be used to securely hold a beverage in a cool stream.

  11. I would put in a bug out bag. We snare regularly, my daughter just started her own line for rabbits.

  12. The Snare-vival trap is compact tool to carry in any bag: i.e. bug out bag…purse…backpack. Or anywhere in your car, fishing/hunting. If I won the trap it would go into my BOB only after I used and reviewed it and posted the vid on my soon to be new YouTube channel.

  13. We are total preppie Newbies! We live in an area where we could use it to catch squirrls and rabbits, if needed. I’d like to have it in the bug-out bags

  14. I have some snares in my wish list for quite a while but haven’t actually ordered them because I don’t know how to use them. I’d just use it to learn how to use them and decide whether or not I should keep some in my BOB.

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