November 27, 2017

How to Make a Bacon Grease Emergency Lamp


This post is by Bernie Carr,

I couldn’t resist making this Bacon Grease Candle after I saw it on Willow Haven Outdoor.  

After all, bacon is my favorite breakfast food.  I wanted to find a use for all that bacon grease, and as tasty as it is, I never use much of it.  I’ve made other lamps before, and I wanted to see how if this one would work.  Though the original instructions are in Creek Stewart’s article, I made some variations.

Here’s what I did:

1.  Cook bacon as normal, either by frying or placing in the oven.  Remove the bacon and leave the grease alone for an hour or so.

2.  Wait until the bacon grease cools, and collect it in a container.  I kept collecting the grease over a few days until I had about half a cup (about 3 batches).  Refrigerate so it doesn’t smell rancid.  I did not strain the grease; the bacon bits do not interfere with the lamp.

Bacon Grease3.  Pour the grease into a candle holder or other heat resistant container.

Collect the grease4.  Clean around the edges.

5.  Make your wick.  The original article suggested using cotton twine, mop fibers or tampon string.  There are multiple ways to make a wick and I used the method I learned from making the emergency lamp from common household items:  I wrapped cotton around a wooden toothpick.

6.  Stick the toothpick upright in the solid bacon grease.  Moisten the tip of the cotton wrapped toothpick with a some nail polish remover, OR even bit of bacon grease.

7.  Light the lamp and enjoy the aroma.

Bacon Grease Lamp8.  Because the weather was cool, the grease stayed solid for a long time, allowing the toothpick to stay upright.  I did not see the grease melt all the way through-it stayed solid.  (Warning:  Your results may vary-do not leave this lamp or any other homemade lamp unattended; keep out of reach of children and pets etc..)

This was a really easy project.  If you don’t have bacon grease, lard, tallow or Crisco should work just as well.

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