January 16, 2018

Make a Perfect Cup of Fresh Herb Tea

Perfect Cup of Herb Tea (2)This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

Herb teas are known to be both soothing and good for you.  For an upset stomach, I reach for mint tea for relief before reaching for an over the counter remedy.  But I used to drink fresh herb teas mostly for medicinal purposes, and never actually enjoyed the taste very much.  Before I learned this technique, I used to boil the leaves in water for 10 minutes.  It worked, but the resulting tea was cloudy and looked unappealing.  Then I learned how to make a great cup of herb tea from a local herb gardener.  It is amazingly easy.

Ingredients and utensils:

Handful of fresh herb leaves.  For this illustration, I used mint from the apartment garden.

Small strainer

Small pot to boil water

2 cups


1.  Gather a handful of leaves – pick out the freshest leaves on top of the stems.

2.  Wash the leaves thoroughly, drain off excess water.  place the leaves in a cup.  Tear a few of the leaves to release the flavor.

3.  Boil a cup of water, then turn off the stove.

4.  Pour the boiling water into the loose leaves.

Stirred Mint leaves

5.  Use a teaspoon to crush the leaves against the cup.

6.  Let the tea steep for five minutes.  Stir.

Straining the tea

7.  Place the strainer on top of your mug and pour the tea.

8.  Now you have a cup of clear herb tea.  I like it plain but you can add sweetener to taste.

Perfect Cup of Herb Tea (1)

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