October 15, 2017

Monday Musings 04/27/2015 Please Help Support the Blog!

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com


Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links about all things preparedness, as well as updates on the blog.


First the blog updates…


I have added a Donate Button     Let me preface this by saying I have been really conflicted about the decision to add a Donate button to my site.   This has never been a paid site, nor do I intend to charge in the future but expenses are starting to become a strain on me.  I had never asked for donations in the past as we had a lot more sponsors than we do now, which was enough to offset expenses at the time.  We do have a few sponsors for whom I am grateful but our hosting charges have risen with the addition of graphics and increasing bandwidth required to keep the blog up.  This blog is not an income generator for me- it started as a way for me to share my preparedness efforts while living in a city apartment and interact with readers.  That has not changed.  However, it has become harder for me to keep up with the costs of maintaining the blog and buying materials for testing and DIY articles.


If you find Apartment Prepper articles helpful, please help support the blog via our Donate Button below.  It also appears on the right sidebar.  Just click on the button and donate any amount that you feel like via PayPal.  If you feel like helping out, much obliged; if not, that is perfectly fine too.  I appreciate your readership and thanks for listening.


More blog changes coming up  I am working on getting a newsletter started for subscribers soon.  I may also be doing a blog redesign in the near future to make articles easier to view, and improve loading times.


Giveaway!  You still have time to enter our latest giveaway for the SunJack Waterproof Lightstick – a great addition to your power outage kit.


Our last giveaway for Prepper’s Financial Guide went very well and our winner, Jennifer was delighted with the book.  She wrote:


The book I won arrived yesterday. I have been absorbed in it. A really solid financial planning book with guidance for preppers. Well written, and I’m finding a lot of information new to me. I will be passing it on to my son after I finish. Definitely a must for preppers. Financial preparedness makes you ready for any future. Thank you so much!


Thank you Jennifer for checking back with us after you received the book.


Now for the links…









Take care and have a great week everyone!

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3 Comments on Monday Musings 04/27/2015 Please Help Support the Blog!

  1. What a great blog! My wife and I live in a tiny apartment in Downtown Houston, TX. Despite the small size, we have a year and a half of food supply stored, and 1 month of water for each of us. There are so many tips and tricks to inner-city prepping in this blog — you just can’t find this knowledge most other places. Keep it up!

    • I can relate – the spaces in Downtown Houston certainly are limited! That’s great progress, having over a year’s food supply and that is more water than many people keep. I appreciate your readership. Thanks Joseph P!

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