Monday Musings 11/4/2013

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Welcome to another Monday Musings where we share blog updates and interesting links.

First the updates:

Blog schedule  I spent some time this past week making a schedule for all the upcoming product and book reviews, and the calendar is getting packed – full until February 2014.  With a full work schedule at my job, and running this blog, I’ve had to decline a few requests due to the time crunch.

Who won  Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living? 

“Mamabear” won the giveaway of the book:  She commented: 

Currently, we save our scraps to give to my parents pigs and chickens. In exchange, we get farm fresh eggs. I save veggie bits (celery and carrot ends, onion peels, etc) and make my own veggie stock. The leftover veggies can still be fed to animals so there is 0 waste!

She did bring up a good question about whether Apartment Prepper shares winner information with anyone, and the answer to that is no, we do not share winner information other than for mailing purposes.  If I am mailing the item myself, then I just use the address once and delete it.  So if you win again, I’d have to ask you for your address all over again.  Sometimes the publisher or company sponsor mails the item directly; and in either case I always mention this to the recipient in advance.

Don’t forget to enter  

Berkey Sport Bottle and Water Testing Kit Giveaway!

It ends at midnight tonight.



Now for the links…

Health related podcasts.   I got an email from Keith who runs Family Survival Radio     He’d had some major health issues and resulting changes in his life, but he has recovered and is back.  Check out Family Survival Radio for free podcasts on various health related topics – based on his research on nutritional therapies for over 100 additional major problems from AIDS to Varicose Veins.  He also runs

Common sense advice  No fear-mongering, just plain good advice on preparing yourself.  See Economic Collapse Preparation

Flying the friendly skies

 Security check now starts long before you fly

 New TSA Pre-Crime Assesment Digs Deep Into Your Records

You can make sliders from acorns Gourmet Foraging and Advanced Acorn Processing

Stockpile or find substitutes  Personal hygiene items will eventually run out, it’s good to know a few substitutes.  See For The Ladies

Safeguard Armor Giveaway – We are not affiliated but for readers who are interested, I just got word that Safeguard Armor is giving away one of their new models of body armor.  For details, see

Take care and have a great week everyone!

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