Monday Musings 12/3/2012 Where has the Year Gone Edition

Where has 2012 gone?  I was just getting used to 2012 and now we getting ready for Christmas are a few weeks away from 2013.    I haven’t posted a Monday update so I thought it’s a good time to catch up.

Blog update.  Apartment Prepper now appears in the Survival section of Before It’s News  Take a look around Before It’s News, you’ll find lots of articles that are not typically found in mainstream news.

This past week, Apartment Prepper reached it’s bandwidth limit due to increasing traffic and the number of posts and photos we’ve accumulated.  I am working on reducing the size of images, but in the meantime, I opted to increase Apartment Prepper’s bandwidth so there shouldn’t be any delays or slow loading issues.

I’ve had an inquiry or two from readers about reading Apartment Prepper on Kindle.  The blog is now available for Kindle download, as a way to reach readers who like the convenience of reading blogs on the Kindle.  Amazon charges $.99, and does not allow authors to make any changes to this.   Of course, the site is always free when accessed directly.

Readers Choice Awards on Survival Top 50 -  Please vote for Apartment Prepper.  Thanks so much for your continuing readership!

And now for interesting sundry links found around the web.

If you like beer, might as well learn how to do it   See How to Brew Beer at Home  I don’t drink, but this would be a handy skill to have.  A friend of the family took up brewing as a hobby and is having a great time with it.  This is another skill in my wish list, but I would have to figure out where to store all the equipment.

Another way to avoid food waste  When resources become scarce, we would have to do everything we can to put everything to good use.  Why not adopt new habits now and avoid wasting what we have.  See   How to Make Your Perishable Food Items Last for Two Weeks  for specific tips.

Free e-book Flashback by Archer Garrett  Flashback is available for free on Amazon from Monday 12/3 to Friday 12/7.  I have not read it, but wanted to pass the word along.  According to the author, the book is short, but packed with a big story.  “It is Orwellian in nature in that a collectivist revolution has resulted in a tyrannical regime that has absolute power over all, except for a small, urban holdout that has managed to successfully repel the regime.  The story takes place over the course of one night.”  Take a look!

Being prepared means being safety conscious.  Winter activities abound in many areas in the country; sometimes it’s easy to just “go with the moment” -  here’s a good reminder to always observe safety measures.  10 Tips on Keeping Kids Safe While Sledding This Winter.

Have a great week and be safe everyone!

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