Monday Musings 2/13/2012

Happy Monday, everyone!

Just a quick post today, as this is shaping up to be a busy week for me.

New Sponsor!  We’re excited Ready Made Resources has joined our banner sponsors.  They are a reputable company with a wide variety of preparedness and survival items.  The great thing is they have free shipping on most items.   See the banner ad on the right side bar or click on the image below- Tell them Apartment Prepper sent you!

My Favorite Show is Back.  I am excited The Walking Dead is back for a few more episodes.  The episodes from last fall were pretty intense.  Don’t miss it.

Unfortunate Turn of Events for One of the DoomsDay Preppers.  One of the preppers featured in the first episode of Doomsday Preppers was David Sarti, a man from Tennessee who had a lot of health problems.  Soon after the airing of the show, he went to the doctor but had objected to the treatment plan… one thing led to another and some misunderstood remarks have gotten him in hot water, labeled mentally defective and had his guns taken away. 

Are You Ready for $5 per Gallon Gas?  We’ve mentioned it a month ago in this blog, and the increases have not let up.  Some industry experts are predicting $5 per gallon gas this year.  This will take a huge bite out of your budget and cause price increases in every aspect.  Buy your preps now while prices are still fairly reasonable.

Take care and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings 2/13/2012

  1. This is my opinion only but I feel that Nat Geo is taking a very serious and very important matter (family preparedness) and laying it open as a subject of entertainment on a good day and ridicule on a a bad.

    And that, I feel, is a travesty.


  2. Up here in Canada where I live the current price for a Litre of gas is $1.26 Canadian. According to most measuring sites, there are 3.79 litres in a U.S. gallon. If my math is correct (and I never claimed to be any good at math) that means a gallon of gas here (Southwestern Ontario) is around $4.78 right now. Since the Canadian dollar is close to par with the U.S. dollar, we are close to $5.00 gas right now.

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