Monday Musings 2/27/2012: Find us on Facebook Edition

I set up a Facebook page under Bernie Carr.  I always post on this blog first, then run an update on Facebook and Twitter.  Please be patient if it takes me a while to respond to Facebook messages- due to time constraints I tend to check the blog comments more frequently.   It has almost the same content as the blog; it’s another way for you to find us.

Use these Tips to Raise Cash for Preps  Check out “Frugal-hacking my way through a month without pay” over at Surviving and Thriving; the post offers some great tips, if you, like the rest of us are trying to come up with extra money.   While not specifically preparedness related, I thought these “frugal hacks” can be applied to help stretch anyone’s budget.

One of the Reasons We Prepare.  Check out The History and Future of Pandemics, an informative article about various pandemics throughout history and how they can easily spread.

Valuable Information from a Survivor.  A few months ago I posted an interview with Selco, who survived for a year in a city after all h*ll broke loose.  He has now launched an online survival course for those readers who want to find out lessons and detailed information about his experiences in a real life disaster scenario.   I am not affiliated with the site, just passing information along.  There is a small “tuition” cost involved, so judge for yourself.  Check out at Selco’s Online Course.

Avoid Becoming the Target of a Burglar.  Peer into the mind of a burglar and learn their tricks so you can protect yourself.  See this interesting article over at SimpliSafe:  “Burglar Reveals 15 Trade Secrets – A Look Into The Mind of a Burglar


Take care and have a great week!


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