January 22, 2017

Not for the Squeamish: Testing a Toilet Alternative for Bugging Out-Part 2

My last post discussed possible alternatives for dealing with liquid waste while trying to bug out without having to stop.  We found this item online that is used by campers but I never heard of it before and would not recommend an item unless I’ve seen it work.

Travel John Disposable Urinal
Travel John Disposable Urinal

The box came with 18 disposable urinals, hand wipes and tissues.

TravelJohn Contents
TravelJohn Contents

To use, unroll one of the disposable urinals, do #1 into it, fitting the funnel like opening directly underneath.  For this test, I used dirty dish water.  It was simple enough to use, if positioned correctly, there was no resulting splash or spill.  The crystals inside the bag instantly puff up to absorb the liquid.

Now for the sniff test.  There was no odor unless you got really close to the opening.  It was not a strong whiff at all.  I am not sure if this is supposed to be one use only, so I propped up the bag and added water to it 30 minutes later.  The crystals continued to absorb the liquid twice more after the first time, although the liquid took a bit longer to get absorbed.

I overturned the bag over the toilet to see if it would leak but nothing leaked.  The crystals absorbed all the liquid and stayed solid.

I would say this item worked as intended.  It would come in handy if you had to bug out in a hurry and there is no place or time for a bathroom stop.  Even if nothing happens, you can save it for long road trips or camping for those middle of the night emergencies.  I will be adding it to my Amazon store.

Travel John

3 Comments on Not for the Squeamish: Testing a Toilet Alternative for Bugging Out-Part 2

  1. Sounds like a good product, how much is it, approximately?

    Considering I could only get my kids or self to use in a dire situation it seems a perfect kit to have in my BOB.

    The trick is to get them to use it and not hold it in, risking a bladder infection. (I’m a pretty mild mannered parent, but if it’s TEOTWAWKI and we’re making a run for it, then just pee!)

    • A 3 pack of the Travel John runs $5.36. The photo on the bottom of the post links to the item in my Amazon store. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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