January 22, 2017

Not for the Squeamish: Toilet Alternatives for Bugging Out-Part 1

Close to a year ago, while we were focused on building our home preparedness items, I wrote about toilet paper substitutes in Not for the Squeemish-Toilet Paper Substitutes .   These days we are focusing on “bug out” supplies.  I started to consider what would happen if you had to leave town in a hurry, in the middle of the night, and could not stop for a long time.  Or, what if you are stuck in traffic and someone in the car has to make #1?   Right before Hurricane Rita, people trying to leave the city were stuck in traffic for hours, as freeways turned into parking lots and people just abandoned their cars by the side of the road.  Having gone on road trips with kids, someone will invariably need to go to the bathroom or throw up.  That is easily done with rest stops, restaurants or gas station bathrooms.  But in an extreme emergency, they may not be available.

I have not seen this topic mentioned in a lot so I researched possible ways you can answer the “call of nature” without having to stop.  For this article, we will only deal with liquid wastes, solid is another research topic for later.

  • One alternative is to carry a 5 gallon bucket lined with heavy duty trash bags.  But you would have to set it down and stop somewhere safe.  Few cars have the room.
  • Men can use a bottle.  Women and kids would need a funnel and a bottle.  Great care must be taken to avoid spilling.
  • A friend suggested Depends adult diaper, but I don’t think I can bring myself to try this.
  • My husband found this item that is used by campers and ordered the item online.  I will conduct a test and post the results next time.




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  1. Baja off-road racers and others use a “Texas catheter” which is like a condom with a hose that empties into a container. I understand there is some sort of female equivalent, but have no personal experience with either.

  2. This suggestion may be the same thing your husband is looking into on line. But in case it’s not:

    Sportsman’s Guide offers military surplus relief funnels. These are used by aircrew, and since aircraft are now crewed by both genders, it comes with the appropriate shape for functionality in either case. It’s a funnel type device that attaches to the relief tubes in the aircraft.

  3. I know of mushers, females who use a “funnel” like device so that they can answer the call standing up and without completely unbundling. The travel John I found about a year ago and got some for my folks and my niece who was being potty trained. I haven’t needed them, but I think that they could reduce the need for stoping.

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