October 14, 2017

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Readers flocked to these top posts and pages this past year: Hiding your Emergency Supplies from Strangers Build your Grab and Go Binder 11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime Prepping Items at the Dollar Store Self Sufficiency 10 Household Items that have First Aid Uses Making your Apartment Doors and Windows More Secure 7 Cost-Cutting Moves that can Backfire in a Disaster How to Make an Emergency Lamp from Common Household Items Ten Fast Track Tips for […]


Apartment Prepper, the original blog about family preparedness in an apartment setting, has been helping readers prepare for emergencies, both large and small since 2010. We have been featured in top prepper blog listings such as: TopPrepperWebsites.com Survival Pulse Top 50 Survival Blogs SurvivalTop50.com There is a limited amount of space available for advertising.  Advertisers who are in the preparedness or survival business, with a high degree of integrity and customer service, are most welcome. There is a variety of […]

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Apartment Prepper is Not a Financial Advisor I, or guest bloggers occasionally write about budgeting, purchases and other money related topics.  Neither I, nor other writers for Apartment Prepper am a financial advisor.   You must consult your own financial advisor or banker regarding your personal situation.   Apartment Prepper is Not a Doctor We do not give medical advice.  Bernie Carr may write about health topics with regard to emergency preparedness but this is not medical advice.  We are not  […]

Budget Prepping

Let’s face it, even if you start slow, getting supplies and gear for emergency preparedness still needs funding.  Anyone new to preparedness wonders where to find that extra cash.  Hopefully these articles will give you a few ideas. Prepping on a Small Budget Should You Save Money or Buy Supplies? 12 Ways to Raise Quick Cash Five Free Things You Can Do to be More Prepared 15 Everyday Items You Can Stop Buying Save Money in a Week How to […]

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Comments are welcome.   Feel free to post comments, tips, ideas and suggestions.  Comments are moderated under the following guidelines. Please be polite.  Insulting, derogatory posts will be deleted. Profanity is not tolerated. Be respectful of others. Apartment Prepper reserves the right to delete comments. Keep in mind that once the comment is posted, it is now publicly viewed.  Please keep your privacy in mind when posting. Spam comments are immediately deleted. No ads or affiliate links in comments will […]

DIY Projects

I’ve learned that being prepared includes learning skills in addition to storing supplies.  I found it is fun, and helps you save money at the same time.   These projects are easily done in an apartment or small house, at very little cost.  Here are a few easy projects that I’ve done: Homemade Vanilla Growing Herbs Breadmaking Yogurt Making Make your own Cleaning Supplies Basic Shoe Care Preserving Eggs Homemade Liquid Soap (from a Soap Bar) Homemade Dishwashing Detergent Easiest Homemade […]

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Welcome to Apartment Prepper!  If you are new to my site and to prepping in general, you might find find these articles helpful: What are We Preparing For? A Quick Start Guide to Emergency Preparedness for Apartment Dwellers Frequently Asked Question:  How Do You Get Started? Ten Fast Track Tips for the Single Apartment Prepper Five Free Things You can Do Now to Be More Prepared A Food Storage Plan That is Not Intimidating What if Nothing Happens? How to […]

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The Apartment Prepper Amazon Store includes quality products from Amazon, where we have purchased most of our survival and preparedness items.  Check out these items by clicking on the sidebar or the link below. http://astore.amazon.com/apartmentprep-20 I joined Amazon as an affiliate member.  Affiliates earn a small referral fee on sales referred by the site.  The content on this blog will remain free as always, and I will not give products a good review just to make a few dollars.  While […]

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My husband and I became interested in preparing for emergencies after Hurricane Ike hit our city of Houston.  As a wife and mother, I feel very concerned about the uncertain times that we are facing in our country.  I want to feel more secure and in control, since I feel we should not rely on the government to help us in any emergency. Many preparedness sites that I have read gave me good information but much of it is geared […]