Saving Money

Let’s face it, even if you start slow, getting supplies and gear for emergency preparedness still needs funding.  Anyone new to preparedness wonders where to find that extra cash.  Hopefully these articles will give you a few ideas.

Coming Up with Cash for Preps

Save Money or Buy Supplies?

Do This One Tip to Avoid Wasting Money

Money Saving Ideas for Building your First Mini First Aid Kit

Can a Bank Glitch Ruin your Weekend?

What We Did to Find Extra Cash this Week

A Field Trip to the Gold Dealer

A Field Trip to the Gold Dealer Part 2

Short on Cash for Preps this Month?

Using Less of Everything

Personal Savings Lessons Learned from Prepping

Find Extra Cash by Reviewing your Bills

What Everyday Items are You Willing to Live Without?

Bargain Shopping Tip

Downsize Before You Have To


Get out of debt now

Money Saving Tips For Beginning Preppers:

3 thoughts on “Saving Money

  1. Try this!!! I called my credit card company to cancel my credit protection, you pay $4.95 a month just in case of something unforseen. Well there are multiple lawsuits with multiple CC companies offering this. I just called to cancel and they gave me $281 dollars back! I don’t think they check to see if you signed up or were signed up without knowing. Either way tell them you were signed up without knowing. If you got a letter, just call the company

    Hope this helps. It blew me away, I thought I was just going to save $5 and end up getting back the money I put into it

    Good luck!!

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  3. Keep an eye out on your bank account too! My hubs just had his card # stolen and because he doesn’t keep an eye on that account it took him getting his card declined to realize there was an issue!

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