October 14, 2017

Cookware You Never Have to Replace

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  1. I love cast iron too. The only thing I don’t cook in it is tomato based food. I always think it’s going to react with the iron.

    • Hey Jen, I’ve made spaghetti sauce on the cast iron pan before, but I did not leave it sitting there for a long and it turned out fine. I thought the acidity may react as well, but a cooking for just a short period did not seem to affect it. Thanks for the comment.

      • Hi Capt. Kronaz-it’s not so bad having to re-season. I just re-seasoned one of mines, and did not take that long. Thanks for the link.

  2. I grew up with them and love cast iron cookware. They would be a bit heavy to run to safety with if you had to outrun say, a hurricane landfall or urban rioting, but even in the woods, you can use them to cook over a campfire and rinse them clean in any clean water you can find. Heck, you could use ‘dirty’ water and put them back on the coals to kill any bugs the water might have had. Those things are great.

  3. I have used cast iron all my life, I have several that were my grandmothers and one that was my great grandmothers, that is at least 100 years old. I season it differently, but not significantly.

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