Monday Musings: 3/3/2014

Monday Musings 332014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the updates:

Who won Prepper Pete Prepares?  Stephanie won the book.  She shared the following comment:  We are just now starting our kids on official preparation stuff, but, having several kids in of family, they have always had chores and have been taught how to cook at appropriate ages. We are starting with different ways of making fire and moving on to finding water and making shelter. Older kids should heave extensive preparation/survival knowledge and little ones should be brought up with it as a lifestyle. We hope to do just that.

Lots of info in one place.   I am happy to belong to the Prepared Bloggers group – you’ll find a wealth of information from this great group of bloggers.

Now for the links…

Storage facilities and prepping  The author Jay MacDonald contacted me and a few other bloggers about storage facilities – check out

Here’s a good deal if you are interested in Ham Radio:  Ben at Advanced Survival told me about this.  They do this program every year in hopes that it motivates folks to get their Ham ticket.  The Centerfire Antenna 2014 Ham Incentive Program begins on March 1st 2014 and ends on June 27th, 2014.

To defray the cost of the FCC Exam fees, Centerfire Antenna and US  Dipole are offering a $15.00 discount to all first time US hams and US hams that upgrade their license before the 2014 ARRL Field Day. You are eligible for this offer if you receive your first call sign or an upgraded license between March 1st, 2014 and June 27th, 2014.

More details are available at the Centerfire Antenna and US Dipole websites-click on the links below:

Do it yourself solar power  You can buy solar chargers, but for those who want to learn how to do it yourself, here are a couple of interesting links:

Make your own solar power generator for less than $300

 How to Build a DIY Solar Laptop Charger

Here comes credit card debt  Adding to credit card debt when income is already dropping does not bode well but that is what’s happening.  See

 Personal income faces first year-over-year drop since recession ended: As incomes collapse, spending via consumer credit begins to increase.

I really need to stock up on this   Tea tree oil has so many uses, it’s a great addition to your emergency supplies.

9 surprising uses for tea tree oil

Even more uses for tea tree oil here

Take care and have a great week everyone!


© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings 2/24/2014

Monday Musings 2242014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the updates…

Still checking and rotating the storage   We’re trying to use the older stored items, and replacing with new stuff.  The budget is tight this month, so although I would have wanted to order more, I ordered a couple of #10 cans of Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix, a family favorite, from Emergency Essentials.

Who won The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness?  

Kris won the giveaway.  Her main concern about disaster readiness is:  “Because I have preexisting conditions I am most concerned with the medical aspects of prepping and how to deal with it both short and long term.”

Come back in a day or two for the final giveaway of the month!

Now for the links…

You never really know what’s in processed food…   I ate them years ago, but now I wonder what really goes into processed food.  Hopefully you’ve heard about the Hot Pockets recall, but this bad meat was also sold by retailers.

Feeling poorer these days?  See Food Prices Soar as Incomes Stand Still  

and it’s not about to get better soon.
15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING

Better learn a few more skills like this one  

The Definitive Guide to Dehydrating Jerky   But I need to get a small, more compact food dehydrator first!

Add this to your list of worries  U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen Hudes

Instead of worrying, learn to do these now 

65 Tips to Save Money Through Self-Reliance

If you have to walk home after a disaster   Urban camouflage: Blend in if you have to walk home after a disaster

Take care and have a great week everyone!


© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings 2/17/2014

HoustonThis post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First, the updates…

Apartment Prepper (AP) Book and Product Features  I’ve been doing book and product reviews, interviews with giveaways for a few years now, but never called it an actual name, until now that is.  They are now known as AP Book (or Product) Feature.  After a two week break, we have another book feature coming up tomorrow, so please stop by and enter.

Sponsor news:

PrepareWise has a new meal replacement shake.  It’s called Mega One Meals.  I am told that customers who are concerned about healthful ingredients are very enthusiastic about this new product.  Here’s a bit of info:

Legacy Premium Foods has just added a new line of nutritional drinks that is sure to fit nicely into any preparedness plan.  Mega One Meals is the newest product to join Legacy’s already premium line of food storage products.

Mega One Meals are tasty, nutritious and balanced meal-replacement drinks that can last 10 years on the shelf. Unlike traditional protein powders or shakes, Mega One Meals are completely natural and have a full daily requirement of protein, vegetables, and fruits in each re-sealable Mylar pouch.

These meals would be great for an emergency back up, or as part of your everyday meal plan.

Convenient to store or carry in a pack, Mega One Meals satisfy hunger while providing quick energy and healthy calories simply, by adding water. They are an excellent source of nutrition and are available in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Super Berry.

Each Mega One Meal drink is comprised of 28 raw “superfoods” for health and well being. They are naturally sweetened, high in fiber, and have live probiotics and enzymes.  Additionally, they meet Legacy’s high standards of being Non-GMO and soy, dairy and gluten free. Check out the impressive list of immunity boosting ingredients here:

Casting call for Doomsday Preppers Season 4  I got an email from Miles who works at Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers.   Here is the what he said:

“We’re currently casting for our upcoming Season 4 episodes. This season we are looking to showcase a more educational approach to prepping and sustainability with a variety of takeaways for our viewers. We are planning to focus on individuals prepping for disasters like tornados, earthquakes, super storms, man-made disasters, and a variety of other extreme circumstances.

We’re currently seeking compelling and informative stories to be featured on our new season. I discovered your website in the course of my research, and I believe that we could greatly benefit from your help and the help of the Apartment Prepper community in finding some talented preppers. We were hoping that this may interest some of your site visitors and followers, and it would be great if you could help us promote the current casting call going on right now!  Interested applicants can email us at PREPPERSTV@GMAIL.COM.

This is not an endorsement nor a recommendation – just passing some info along.  If you’ve always dreamed of being on TV – this could be your opportunity.  Just be well informed and read the fine print!

Now for the links…

Do you really want chicken that was processed in China?  Make your feelings known!  There is a petition in the works and you still have time to participate.  Please visit these links.

Chinese Chicken Petition Passes 1/4 Million Mark


Glass half full  Lots of bad news all over, but let’s look at some good news for a change.

50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History

Money saving tips we can all use  Pick out one or more ideas and start doing them!

20 Things I do to Save Money

Take care and have a great week everyone!

© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings: 1/20/2014

Monday Musings01202014

Welcome to Monday Musings where we share blog updates and interesting links.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – let’s all remember Dr. King’s life and legacy and celebrate by doing just one act of service.   Help just one person or many… a small act of giving back to the community goes a long way.

First the blog updates…

Who won the giveaway for Living Ready Pocket Manual?

“Green Eyed Jinn” won and has been notified.  He wrote the following comment:

Several years ago, I tried to swallow a too-large piece of pot roast that lodged in the back of my throat. It didn’t quite go down, so I tried swallowing again…and quickly realized I couldn’t breathe! I couldn’t get any air in, I couldn’t make any sound and the food was not coming back up.
The scariest part of this situation for me was the realization that I was home alone. I knew my wife could have easily done a Heimlich maneuver for me, but there was nobody to help. Strangely, while I had a surge of panic when first knowing I was choking, I suddenly became mentally detached from what my body was feeling after I realized there was no help coming.
I knew it was doubtful I could do a Heimlich on myself, so I adapted the method for helping a choking baby. I grabbed a can of soup from the cabinet, knelt facing backwards over my couch and stood the soup can on the couch’s frame back. Then I leaned over the can so it pressed up into the same spot where a person’s fists are placed for the Heimlich, and leaned further over the back of the couch so my face was nearly down on the floor. This position had me on my knees, hips against the cushion back of the couch and my solar plexus on top of the soup can and the bottom of the can sitting on the wooden frame along the back of my couch. The can was wedged between the frame and my body. My upper body was sort of inverted down toward the floor.
Using my arms to push up slightly on the floor, I then let go of all my weight so my upper body quickly dropped down toward the floor and the soup can’s end was driven up under my sternum. It didn’t work at first and it hurt like hell in my gut. I tried three more times while trying to cough as hard as I could just as the soup can pushed into my solar plexus area and it worked! I spewed the meat back up and a lot of stomach reflux, saliva and snot out of my mouth and nose. It was a disgusting mess, but I could breathe again.
The key to making it work was something that could push up into my diaphragm (increase my exhaling air pressure), finding a way to forcefully make it go in (my dropping body weight and gravity against the couch frame), and being inverted to let the food ‘fall’ back out of my throat (pulled by gravity and pushed by air pressure).
Sorry for the rambling, but this is a true story. After it was all over, my panic came back and I ended up in shaking exhaustion on the floor for about 10 minutes with the realization that I could have died. My chest hurt for a couple days and I had a round bruise that matched the circular top of the can. This happened about 4 years ago, but I still have occasional nightmares where I wake up from the feeling I had when I couldn’t breathe.

This was a great giveaway and I appreciated reading all the stories from the entrants.  Everyone needs a pocket first aid manual!

New giveaway started today  Don’t forget to sign up for this week’s giveaway, The End by G. Michael Hopf.

Camping Survival-Free LifeStraw with Katdyn purchase  Just got word that our sponsor, Camping Survival is  now giving away a free lifestraw with the purchase of a Katadyn water filter.

Now for the links…

Aftermath of Target security breach   I usually shop with cash and was not too worried about the Target security breach this past month.  However, because I had shopped at Target online several months ago, I received an email from Target indicating my personal information may have been compromised.  All the news reports said the hack happened over 2013 Christmas shopping but this email shows they are concerned about previous time periods.  It’s been at least six months since I bought from Target online so this is worrisome.

It will be a long while before this security breach gets sorted out.

A sneaky path into Target customers’ wallets

Flu Season in full swing  News reports in our area a filled with dangerous flu warnings, urging people to get the flu shot.  We don’t get flu shots, but are taking precautions.

H1N1: Your Flu Questions, Answered

Not to be confused with the flu now going around, we’re still keeping watch on H1N5, which the CDC website has now published a health alert

CDC Health Alert H1N5

There are still health concerns  Can’t blame the residents for being worried.

West Virginia water leaves residents wary; Smell lingers week after chemical contaminated supply

Interesting discussion by SurvivalStill (not an affiliate or sponsor)

Understanding the West Virginia Chemical Spill

Another one for the self sufficient project list    It sounds so easy to make apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Good for What Ails You

I’ll stop throwing them out. These small containers come in handy.

Ten ways to recycle and reuse empty prescription pill bottles

Take care and have a great week everyone!


Happy New Year!

Fireworks from FreePhotoBank,orgAs we celebrate the beginning of the another year, I’d like to thank you for making Apartment Prepper a part of your day.  I am grateful to be able to write and share what I’ve learned about preparing for emergencies.  In turn, I’ve also learned a lot from our community of readers.  Though my original intent for this blog was preparing for disasters in an apartment, it has grown to encompass a lot more:  healthy living, frugality, self-sufficiency and many other aspects of a prepper’s lifestyle.

It is my hope that we can all help each other be prepared and cope with whatever difficulties come up, large or small.

I wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2014.







Monday Musings 10/23/2013

Monday Musings 12232013Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps.

First the blog updates…

This is the last edition of Monday Musings for this year, as Apartment Prepper is taking a small break for the next few days.  I’ll still post regularly and read all comments but responses may be sporadic.  I’ll be doing some blog maintenance and planning the next couple of months’ posts and projects.

Who won the The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage by Gaye Levy?  Tim won the drawing and has been notified.

Now for the links…

First it was Called a Mystery Illness   Now it’s been identified as H1N1, formerly known as swine flu.

H1N1 kills 6 people, leaves 14 critically ill in Greater Houston area

Soon They won’t have a Choice   If finalized the flu vaccine would be required for New York City children who go to day care or pre-school as of December 31, 2014.

New York City Board of Health approves mandatory flu shots for kids

If Your Life will Depend on it, Choose Quality  This article can be applied when choosing prepping gear.  For items you really depend on for survival, such as water filters, knives sleeping bags, tents etc, choose wisely – not necessarily the most expensive, but the best quality you can afford.

When to Skimp and When to Spend More for Quality

Watch your Webcam – it can Spy on You  I actually saw this story in a science fiction show:  stalker watches the victim’s every move through her computer’s webcam that he activated without her knowledge.  The next link shows it’s not science fiction but can actually happen.  Now it’s another way to lose your privacy.  See

Research shows how MacBook Webcams can spy on their users without warning

Good Reminders for Everyone   Your state of mind greatly affects survival…

Life is What We Make of It

So Simple to Make  Another one for the project list:

Homemade Gift Idea: Make a Paracord Lantern

We all have Them.   See these practical and funny uses:

22 Uses for Dead Gift Cards

 Take care and have a great week everyone!

Looking for a last minute gift?   Consider The Prepper’s Pocket Guide!  Great for beginners, and lots of great tips for everyone:

Bernie’s Book is Available in Amazon

Monday Musings 12/16/2013

SneezingWelcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the blog updates…

It’s been a slow week in terms or blogging or prepping, as our family was struggling with miserable colds this week.  Thankfully, we’re feeling better now, but have some catching up to do.

Now for the links…

Survival Mindset  This family survived 48 hours in freezing temperatures.  They knew just what to do:

Lost Nevada family warmed rocks by fire to survive snow for 2 days

Improve your Chances  No doubt about it- being prepared pays off.  Here’s how to pack your trunk

Next Level Travel Kit: Packing Survival Junk in Your Trunk

If you Lack Space for Pads and Tampons  I don’t know anyone who has tried this, but it sure would help with the space issues of storing pads and tampons for the long term.   Some may say “TMI” but it’s good info to know

Are You Still Using Pads and Tampons?

This Trick Actually Works   I didn’t think I could thread a needle without a needle threader but this trick actually works.  Of course I tried it before I posted the link!  See

The Easiest Way to Thread a Needle

Make the Most out of your Shopping Dollar   This is the most comprehensive article I’ve seen regarding how to get cash back while shopping.

Ultimate Guide to Cash Back Shopping

Take care and have a great week everyone!

Monday Musings 12/9/2013

MC900432590[1]Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so this post is going to be shorter than normal.  Trying to head off a cold, I’ve done my old standby remedy and hoping I caught it early enough.

First the blog updates…

Who won the Going Home book series?  Reader Alicia R. won the drawing.  She had the following comment:

Wipes are the things I use most in my EDC bag. I actually keep both sanitizing wipes and baby wipes. I have used them for anything from actual cleaning purposes to cooling down an overheated child.

Now for the links…

This is one to watch:

Hong Kong Reports Second Case of Deadly Bird Flu

It’s only Hong Kong’s second case, but this was the interesting part:  “The H7N9 influenza virus normally circulates among birds and has only recently begun to affect humans. So far it has infected 136 people across 12 Chinese provinces, killing 45 of them, according to an October report by the World Health Organization, the most recent one available on the organization’s website.”

I am surprised there’s not a lot of coverage about this.  I just hope it doesn’t mutate and start getting transmitted human to human.

Didn’t Hear Much in the Network News about this  I wonder why…

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media

More Power Grid Vulnerabilities

Power struggle: Green energy versus a grid that’s not ready

Always Keep Backup Cash Just in Case  Nothing like going to a cash register and being told “Our power is out, cash only transactions.” after you’ve already shopped what you needed.  This actually happened to me-now I carry a hidden $20 in my wallet.

Big Banks Are Being Hit With Cyberattacks “Every Minute Of Every Day”

More Bang for the Food Storage Buck  It was interesting to note that most of these foods are great for long term food storage.   I’ve added dehydrated bananas recently.  You might as well get the most nutrition from your emergency foods.

8 Ridiculously Cheap Superfoods Less Than $1 Per Serving

This is going in the project list   Making your own butter would be a good skill to have.  I don’t have a Kitchen Aide so it’s going to have to be manual labor.  But I still can’t wait to try it.

Make your own homemade butter

Take care and have a great week everyone!

Water is one of the biggest needs when it comes to survival.  Whether bugging out or sheltering in place, you can never have enough clean water for survival: For your water purifier needs, please visit:

 For beginning preppers

DebtProof Living

Monday Musings: 12/2/2014

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the blog updates…

Huge Christmas giveaway starts today  Please be sure to check out the next post that follows after this one.  It announces a huge Christmas giveaway among several preparedness blogs that starts today.

Cyber Monday special sales from our sponsors  If you are doing any shopping today, Cyber Monday, please help support our blog by clicking through my Amazon link  Or, visit our fine sponsors who are all having great sales today:

Camping Survival 

The Berkey Guy


ReadyMade Resources

Who won Rivers:  A Novel book giveaway?  Jen won a copy of the book, and she had the following comment:

I haven’t experienced the devastation of the terrible storms and floods that make the news but I have been through extreme weather. It definitely brings out a side of people that you don’t normally see.

We also have another book giveaway scheduled for this Wednesday – it’s a good one so please come back and enter.

Now for the links…

Black Friday shenanigans.  We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least include news about Black Friday frenzy.  If people get this crazy over some sales, imagine how they would be in a real emergency when everyone is fighting over food and water to survive.

People Beat Each Other Up Over Towels At Walmart On Black Friday

Black Friday frenzy leads to reports of violence

But it was not limited to the U.S.:  Black Friday madness has spread to the U.K.

Black Friday: arrests and violence as shoppers clamour for discounts

Personal care storage items   Good information to know for the toiletries bucket. 

Do Skin Care Products and Toiletries Ever Expire?

In many cases, items may last longer than their expiration dates, however, there is a shelf life to these items.  A lot of lotions start to get a funky odor when they get old, some moisturizers ingredients separate and get a strange texture.  “Your mileage may vary” is a safe bet- just check it for yourself and don’t forget to rotate your items.

Skills that are no longer practiced  Many of these skills are useful, and several are considered good prepper skills.  Skills Your Grandparents had that You Don’t

Tips to reduce cholesterol  Years ago, I had high cholesterol, fortunately it went down naturally without prescription medication.  I started using a lot of olive oil in cooking and that seemed to help (This is not medical advice)  This article has some good tips.

Naturally Reduce Cholesterol

Simple tips, great results   No one can be totally self-sufficient, but taking small steps help a lot, especially during hard times.  See article below from Gaye of from Backdoor Survival.

Mapping a Road to Self-Sufficiency

Take care and have a great week everyone!


Buy Gold and Silver Coins


For easy ways to become more prepared, read my book:

For low-cost ways to prep:

Monday Musings: 11/25/2013

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the blog updates…

Sponsor news, announced their Black Friday Sale which has started and will last until 12/1/2013.  Black Friday sale – FREE SHIPPING, with many preparedness gifts Starting at $10.

Great deals at Amazon.  Please consider using Apartment Prepper’s Amazon link for your prepping and Christmas shopping purchases.  Our blog hosting expenses has grown substantially, and I am doing everything I can to keep this blog free to all readers.  We chose not to have a Donate button; blog expenses are covered by sponsor banner ads and affiliates such as Amazon.  This costs you nothing out of pocket but they mean a lot, and I greatly appreciate your support!

Personal GPS update  A while back I tested the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour and reader Bob S inquired whether the stored locations will reset if you replace the batteries.  I finally got a chance to try it out:  removed the batteries and replaced them, rode out to a new location and checked to see if it would point back to a previously stored location.  The good news is, it actually did not lose the saved areas.  When I turned it back on, and set it to “Home” (not my real home, just the place I had set it to) it as soon as it found the satellite it pointed to the correct direction.   I’ve updated the article as well.

Thanks Bob S for bringing this up.  I appreciate everyone’s questions and comments!

New giveaway tomorrow  We’re having our final giveaway of the month tomorrow, so please check back and submit your entry!

Now for the links…

Author R.P. Ruggiero’s latest book is out:  Brushfire Plague: Reckoning the follow up to his successful debut novel, Brushfire Plague. Recently published by Prepper Press, this book begins as the Brushfire Plague that has crippled the globe slowly loses its lethality, only to be replaced by the harsh reality of its origin and what this will mean for civilization.  I reviewed Brushfire Plague when it first came out and look forward to reading the second book.

For a limited time, readers can pick up at a deep discount the original Brushfire Plague Kindle version.  This won’t last, so take advantage of the sale while you can.

Thugs behaving (even more) badly   This just seems so senseless – teens randomly striking strangers for no reason at all, other than to knock them down with one punch.

  ‘Knockout Game’ Thrives Where Gun Control Has Disarmed Citizens

I hope this one learned his lesson  Teen Playing ‘Knockout Game’ Shot Twice by Victim

A gourmet meal from a coffee maker?!?  I’ve heard of vacationers bringing slow cookers to the hotel for hot meals but cooking in a coffee maker is new to me.   Might be advisable to try it at home first, before attempting it in a hotel.  If you’ve tried it, please let us know how it turns out!

Coffee Maker Cooking: Brew Up Your Next Dinner

Make comforting meals from food storage  See Survival Mom’s How to plan your food storage so you can make your favorite recipes years from now

Great list of doable product replacements  You’ll save money and reduce trash.

12 Simple Reusable Alternatives to Common Household Disposables

Hang on to those good feelings   See 3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Last All Year Long

Take care and have a great week everyone!


Camping Survival

Camping Survival