Monday Musings: 11/24/2014

Monday Musings 11032014

This post is by Bernie Carr,
Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links about all things preparedness, as well as updates on the blog.

First the blog updates…

We’ve had back to back giveaways so I haven’t posted Monday Musings in a while.  But this week you will get double the links because I saved them up.

Black Friday Giveaway coming up!  Check back with us this Friday 11/28 for a great giveaway we have planned with our sponsor, The Berkey Guy – it’ll be worth your while to stop by!

Food Storage Entree tryouts  I mentioned a while back that we have been cutting back on the food budget and using some up of our food storage items.  Some of our old favorites are as good as ever – Mountain House Noodles and Chicken stands out.

Wise Food Beef Stroganoff

Wise Co. Beef Stroganoff

But some do not work out such so well.   I had a packet of Wise Co. Beef Stroganoff.  I followed the package instructions and gave it enough time to cook.  The result was more like a soup than anything else.  I was not expecting soup for a Beef Stroganoff entree.  To remedy the situation, I used a colander to drain out the excess sauce.  Maybe it’s a personal preference but I didn’t care for the mushy taste and texture.  When trying out food storage I always consider whether I’d think differently if I were starving in a survival situation.  I am sure I’d be grateful to have food at that point.  So if you have it for food storage, hang on to it.  I still ate it for lunch, but this not one I’d eat for everyday meals.


Now for the links…

Intel boss’ warning on cyber attacks no joke, say experts

100+ Non Food Items to Have in Your Emergency Supplies

Rich Becoming Overlords, Poor Becoming Serfs: “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America”

4 Life-Saving Tips for Vehicle Preparedness

20 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

A Lady and a Gun

Gravity water filter scientific test results released by Natural News: Big Berkey, ProPur, Zen Water Systems and more

15 Organic Fruits & Veggies That Aren’t Worth Paying More For in 2014

Gag Gifts for Preppers – The 2014 Holiday Guide

5 Beauty Products to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home

Take care and have a great week everyone!

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Monday Musings: 9/29/2014

Monday Musings 09272014

This post is by Bernie Carr,
Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links about all things preparedness, as well as updates on the blog.

First the blog updates…

I haven’t had as much time to work on Apartment Prepper this past week due to a tight work schedule.  I hope this week will be much better.

Fall is here and I am so glad the weather is starting to cool off (not a let yet, but I am grateful)  I have some interesting projects coming up, one of them is how to make a heat retention cooker aka, a wonder oven, thanks to instructions from fellow blogger Megan who runs the My Food Storage Cookbook site.  As always, I will let you know how it turns out.

Now for the links…

One Awesome Article site launch

Todd of Prepper Website has a neat new site: The idea is that guys will receive one AWESOME article in their inbox a day.  It is geared towards guys, but you ladies will want your guys to get this to make them a better…..guy.  The article will include a link to an awesome article on the web, special offers, book suggestions or cool products.  This great info will only come through the daily email, so make sure you sign up.  This is not a paid endorsement.  I just know that after visiting  Prepper Website for several years now, I can always count on Todd to point me to some great leads on the web.


New NatGeo show

The new show is called Live Free or Die.  While not prepper focused, the series focuses on self-reliance and homesteading which is always of interest.


Live Free or Die photo, Courtesy of National Geographic, with permission


Live Free or Die examines one of America’s most remote subcultures, following five individuals living in the country’s backwoods and swamps with few of the trappings of modern society. Freed from the constraints of a technology-fueled existence, they are modern-day pioneers who rely only on skill and intuition to harness the natural environment. Here is a clip, courtesy of National Geographic.

Live Free or Die: Road Kill: It’s What’s For Dinner!

North Carolina homesteaders, Tony and Amelia, cook road kill given to them by Amelia’s Dad.



More links…

Chlorine Bleach For Sanitizing Raw Fruits And Vegetables

I’m Going To ???

An Open Letter to My Past Female Students Entering College

A Prepared Cook’s Guide To Creating An Ideal Kitchen Space

From Dehydrated to Dinner

17 Clever Food Storage Tricks

Castile Soap – Make Chemical Free Products for Your Family

Getting a Child and Yourself Ready for College


Take care and have a great week everyone!


© Apartment Prepper 2014


Monday Musings: 6/30/2014

Monday Musings 06302014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps.

First, the updates…

It’s been a busy summer for the Apt Prepper household so this is going to be a quick post.

Who won Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide by Jim Cobb?  We held the drawing and the winner was Pierce, who commented:  My main concern for long term right now is ignorance. The wife and I live in an apartment right now, so the plan is to gather my mother and siblings, and then head to my in-laws. The in-laws are the only ones with a sturdy house and fenced in yard. Problem is that the family is refusing to listen to logic when it comes to preparedness, i.e. no one wants to stock up water or buy water filters. We will make due, but I worry that the ignorance and stubbornness of certain family members will make things way more difficult than they would be. I’m working on educating the family, but it’s frustrating when no one wants to plan further than “lock the doors, open a beer, and let it all blow over”.

We had lots of comments to this post – clearly surviving for the long term is a huge concern for many of our readers.  We will explore this issue further in our blog posts.

This week we are giving away Crafting with Paracord 50 Fun and Creative Projects Using the World’s Strongest Cord – don’t forget to submit your entry, you have until Friday, July 4th.

Now for the links…

Is the international monetary system nearing collapse?

Americans are getting into debt to afford food, gas

How to Use Ebay to Find the Most Affordable Silver

10 Tips For Getting Rid Of The Junk In Your Life

12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves

Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users’ Emotions For Science

Take care and have a great week everyone!

© Apartment Prepper 2014

Show young kids that being prepared can be fun!

Jake and Miller's Big Adventure

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Monday Musings: 6/2/2014

MondayMusings622014Welcome to another Monday Musings were we share blog updates and interesting links.  Can you believe half the year is over?

First the blog updates…

What’s it like having no cable?  It’s been a couple of weeks since we got rid of cable and so far, the family and I don’t miss much.  I’ve watched some new shows straight from the networks’ websites on my computer; the rest of the shows are from Hulu and Netflix at a fraction of what we were paying for cable.  All in all, it’s been a positive change.

Enter for a chance to win    Jake and Miller Book Review + Giveaway at Lil Suburban Homestead blog  Today is the last day to enter.

Learn survival skills for free  

Sign up here:

Now for the links…

It’s still the economy.

US Economy Set for Rebound After Q1 Contraction

Has The Next Recession Already Begun For America’s Middle Class?

Where would you go? This post brings up good points to consider for either choice.

If SHTF, should you head for the city or country?

Good money saving tip   When I was a kid, my Dad used to cut our hair.  I haven’t been brave enough to try this, but hair cutting is a good skill to have so I may try it.

How to Save your family over $100 a year by cutting your child’s hair at home!

Better than plain water   I’ve tried the vinegar method but will be trying the hydrogen peroxide wash next.

A Handy Guide for Washing Produce

I no longer throw them away  

15 Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds

Take care and have a great week everyone!


My new book is out!

Jake and Miller's Big Adventure


Monday Musings: 5/12/2014

Monday Musings 5122014Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps.

First the blog updates…

This past week we were able to set up the Sun Oven, but the following days were cloudy followed by rain so I haven’t had a chance to do part two – the cooking part!

Podcast Interview coming up.  I’m looking forward to chatting with John Wesley Smith of Destiny Survival Radio – I’ll let you know when the podcast airs.

Moisturizing Salve update  I’m just so pleased about how my moisturizing salve turned out:  With the last batch, I gave away some eczema salve and miracle to family members, some I mailed out of state.  After a couple of weeks of use, the results are in:  they definitely work!   The salve helped eczema, psoriasis and skin allergy sufferers.  I’m using the plain salve as a makeup remover, and substitute for petroleum jelly.

I’m convinced essential oils really work, and that’s why I joined Spark Naturals as an affiliate.  If you order from Spark Naturals, use coupon code APARTMENTPREPPER and get 10% discount off your purchase.


Sponsor News   A big thank you to Prep and Pantry Apps for renewing with us.  Prep and Pantry Apps provides an easy way to keep track of your food storage.

5 apps parents should delete from kid’s phones

Doomsday types  Insightful article about worsening times and reasonable ways to cope
A Year after The Age of Limits: 5 Responses to the End Times

The struggle to stay private  Good article on making the stand against privacy intrusion

Sorry but I don’t Give Out Personal Information

Speaking of privacy, have you taken these steps to protect your privacy?

Going Undercover: How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Some Simple Vigilance, Shred your Trash

Now is a good time to do this Even a small food pantry gets cluttered.   Here’s an article that will help AND give you a great tip to store spaghetti too.

8 Tips to Spring Clean Your Pantry (stop groaning, it won’t hurt much)

Take care and have a great week everyone!


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Sorry, But I Don’t Give Out Personal Information
Sorry, But I Don’t Give Out Personal Information

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Monday Musings: 5/5/2014

Monday Musings 5142014

Welcome to another Monday Musings where we share blog updates and interesting links.

First the blog updates…

I am happy to announce  LPC Survival renewed their banner ad with us for another term.  They are a trusted source of Berkey water filters, accessories and more, and they have been with Apartment Prepper for a while now.   I appreciate your visiting our banner ad sponsors, as they help keep the lights on around Apartment Prepper.

Now for the links…

It’s happening again  The economy is still fragile, and while we hope it improves, threats and fears continue.  See

Dismal GDP triggers double-dip recession fear

Bad behavior from banks  How you spend your own money is none of their business

HSBC Demands to Know How Customers Spend Their Money

MERS virus is here  

U.S. Sees Its First Case of MERS Virus: What You Should Know

Avoid harmful ingredients in sanitizers   Make your own!

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Life saving properties sources that you least expect  Weeds get a bad rap, and so does bacteria, but if you read this article, you may think twice about it.

What if I Told You Weeds and Bacteria Could Save Your Life?

Filing these under upcoming projects    I enjoyed these articles and am adding them to my list of things to try out.  I already have a thermos, but have yet to buy a food dehydrator.

Discover Thermos Cooking as a Preparedness Tool

The Presto Dehydro

Good sale on a great guide

11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to Survival During Uncertain Times,

the e-book by Gaye Levy and George Ure is on sale for $0.99  Offering doable yet effective steps, his book will help you navigate and prepare yourself for tough times.  Don’t miss it!

Help the Moms in your life prepare  Mother’s Day is almost here, why not take the opportunity to help Mom prepare.


Take care and have a great week everyone!

© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings: 4/28/2014

Monday Musings 04282014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the blog updates…

Who won the ALTAI Tactical Boot Giveaway?   Tami L won the drawing for the ALTAI Tactical Boot Giveaway.   Her response to the question “Do you feel there is a possibility you may have to walk out of the city in a disaster?  How are you preparing for this? was:

Yes I do think we might have to! To that end I am walking daily to build endurance. Love the giveaway and info you gave about it.

Now for the links…

Middle class hardships   The middle class keeps getting squeezed – many can’t afford to save.  See

Middle class & living paycheck to paycheck

Every little tactic helps  Good article to help you make the most out of coupons:

Couponing for Preppers

Coffee is good for you!  I like my daily coffee even better now.

Coffee could be key in cutting colon cancer risk

This superbug is everywhere   I’ve known people who ended up in the hospital for this.

Study: Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA ‘Superbug’ Found In US Homes

Have you heard of MERs

SARS-Like MERS Virus Spreads to New Countries

Great series about going off grid   Follow along this blogger’s experiment of living off grid, and using emergency supplies for two weeks.


 Take care and have a great week everyone!

© Apartment Prepper 2014


Monday Musings: 3/3/2014

Monday Musings 332014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the updates:

Who won Prepper Pete Prepares?  Stephanie won the book.  She shared the following comment:  We are just now starting our kids on official preparation stuff, but, having several kids in of family, they have always had chores and have been taught how to cook at appropriate ages. We are starting with different ways of making fire and moving on to finding water and making shelter. Older kids should heave extensive preparation/survival knowledge and little ones should be brought up with it as a lifestyle. We hope to do just that.

Lots of info in one place.   I am happy to belong to the Prepared Bloggers group – you’ll find a wealth of information from this great group of bloggers.

Now for the links…

Storage facilities and prepping  The author Jay MacDonald contacted me and a few other bloggers about storage facilities – check out

Here’s a good deal if you are interested in Ham Radio:  Ben at Advanced Survival told me about this.  They do this program every year in hopes that it motivates folks to get their Ham ticket.  The Centerfire Antenna 2014 Ham Incentive Program begins on March 1st 2014 and ends on June 27th, 2014.

To defray the cost of the FCC Exam fees, Centerfire Antenna and US  Dipole are offering a $15.00 discount to all first time US hams and US hams that upgrade their license before the 2014 ARRL Field Day. You are eligible for this offer if you receive your first call sign or an upgraded license between March 1st, 2014 and June 27th, 2014.

More details are available at the Centerfire Antenna and US Dipole websites-click on the links below:

Do it yourself solar power  You can buy solar chargers, but for those who want to learn how to do it yourself, here are a couple of interesting links:

Make your own solar power generator for less than $300

 How to Build a DIY Solar Laptop Charger

Here comes credit card debt  Adding to credit card debt when income is already dropping does not bode well but that is what’s happening.  See

 Personal income faces first year-over-year drop since recession ended: As incomes collapse, spending via consumer credit begins to increase.

I really need to stock up on this   Tea tree oil has so many uses, it’s a great addition to your emergency supplies.

9 surprising uses for tea tree oil

Even more uses for tea tree oil here

Take care and have a great week everyone!


© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings 2/24/2014

Monday Musings 2242014This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First the updates…

Still checking and rotating the storage   We’re trying to use the older stored items, and replacing with new stuff.  The budget is tight this month, so although I would have wanted to order more, I ordered a couple of #10 cans of Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix, a family favorite, from Emergency Essentials.

Who won The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness?  

Kris won the giveaway.  Her main concern about disaster readiness is:  “Because I have preexisting conditions I am most concerned with the medical aspects of prepping and how to deal with it both short and long term.”

Come back in a day or two for the final giveaway of the month!

Now for the links…

You never really know what’s in processed food…   I ate them years ago, but now I wonder what really goes into processed food.  Hopefully you’ve heard about the Hot Pockets recall, but this bad meat was also sold by retailers.

Feeling poorer these days?  See Food Prices Soar as Incomes Stand Still  

and it’s not about to get better soon.
15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING

Better learn a few more skills like this one  

The Definitive Guide to Dehydrating Jerky   But I need to get a small, more compact food dehydrator first!

Add this to your list of worries  U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen Hudes

Instead of worrying, learn to do these now 

65 Tips to Save Money Through Self-Reliance

If you have to walk home after a disaster   Urban camouflage: Blend in if you have to walk home after a disaster

Take care and have a great week everyone!


© Apartment Prepper 2014

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Monday Musings 2/17/2014

HoustonThis post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links as well as updates on the blog and preps. 

First, the updates…

Apartment Prepper (AP) Book and Product Features  I’ve been doing book and product reviews, interviews with giveaways for a few years now, but never called it an actual name, until now that is.  They are now known as AP Book (or Product) Feature.  After a two week break, we have another book feature coming up tomorrow, so please stop by and enter.

Sponsor news:

PrepareWise has a new meal replacement shake.  It’s called Mega One Meals.  I am told that customers who are concerned about healthful ingredients are very enthusiastic about this new product.  Here’s a bit of info:

Legacy Premium Foods has just added a new line of nutritional drinks that is sure to fit nicely into any preparedness plan.  Mega One Meals is the newest product to join Legacy’s already premium line of food storage products.

Mega One Meals are tasty, nutritious and balanced meal-replacement drinks that can last 10 years on the shelf. Unlike traditional protein powders or shakes, Mega One Meals are completely natural and have a full daily requirement of protein, vegetables, and fruits in each re-sealable Mylar pouch.

These meals would be great for an emergency back up, or as part of your everyday meal plan.

Convenient to store or carry in a pack, Mega One Meals satisfy hunger while providing quick energy and healthy calories simply, by adding water. They are an excellent source of nutrition and are available in three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Super Berry.

Each Mega One Meal drink is comprised of 28 raw “superfoods” for health and well being. They are naturally sweetened, high in fiber, and have live probiotics and enzymes.  Additionally, they meet Legacy’s high standards of being Non-GMO and soy, dairy and gluten free. Check out the impressive list of immunity boosting ingredients here:

Casting call for Doomsday Preppers Season 4  I got an email from Miles who works at Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers.   Here is the what he said:

“We’re currently casting for our upcoming Season 4 episodes. This season we are looking to showcase a more educational approach to prepping and sustainability with a variety of takeaways for our viewers. We are planning to focus on individuals prepping for disasters like tornados, earthquakes, super storms, man-made disasters, and a variety of other extreme circumstances.

We’re currently seeking compelling and informative stories to be featured on our new season. I discovered your website in the course of my research, and I believe that we could greatly benefit from your help and the help of the Apartment Prepper community in finding some talented preppers. We were hoping that this may interest some of your site visitors and followers, and it would be great if you could help us promote the current casting call going on right now!  Interested applicants can email us at PREPPERSTV@GMAIL.COM.

This is not an endorsement nor a recommendation – just passing some info along.  If you’ve always dreamed of being on TV – this could be your opportunity.  Just be well informed and read the fine print!

Now for the links…

Do you really want chicken that was processed in China?  Make your feelings known!  There is a petition in the works and you still have time to participate.  Please visit these links.

Chinese Chicken Petition Passes 1/4 Million Mark


Glass half full  Lots of bad news all over, but let’s look at some good news for a change.

50 Reasons We’re Living Through the Greatest Period in World History

Money saving tips we can all use  Pick out one or more ideas and start doing them!

20 Things I do to Save Money

Take care and have a great week everyone!

© Apartment Prepper 2014

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