January 21, 2017

Can an Armor Vest Protect You from Common Urban Threats?

June 25, 2014 aptprepper 2

This article was provided by Anthony, Safeguard Clothing When chaos unleashes in a city, there’s no telling whether or not you’ll be standing in the line of fire. Preparation reduces the chance that you’ll fall victim to a fatal attack. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society where treasure awaits at the end of a rainbow. Instead, guns and knives along with other harmful weapons roam the streets of urban areas, attached to perpetrators waiting to claim their next victim. […]

Kevlar vs. Carbon Fiber for the Top Body Armor Material

May 25, 2013 aptprepper 0

A guest post by Anthony McGrath Carbon fiber and Kevlar are materials that are used for making bullet proof vests protective inserts. They are known to be the most composite materials that are strong and function extremely well. They have been used frequently used in different areas like sports cars, aviation, and body armors. These two materials are mostly used for similar purposes but they differ in some important aspects. Kevlar has been a revolutionary material and has been used […]

What You Need to Know about Body Armor

May 26, 2012 aptprepper 3

Body armor is recommended by many survival sites and books.  Some of our readers who are further along in their preparedness journey have asked how they might have a degree of protection from bullets flying, especially since  apartment dwellers cannot make changes to their walls or structures.  In terms of survival needs, this falls under the “security” category, but like choosing weapons for survival, it is strictly a personal choice. The last time we visited a gun show, a body […]