Review of Chicken Fajita MRE from Meal Kit Supply

Chicken Fajita MRE from Meal Kit Supply

I’ve been having a back log of product and book reviews, both on items I purchased on my own, and review samples sent by the company or publisher.  It takes me a while to get the reviews done, as I like to read/test each one individually before I post anything about it.  I usually post on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, so on Saturdays I will do product and books reviews.

Meal Kit Supply sent me their newest MRE, Chicken Fajita, for review.  I had tested their product in the past, and was curious how this one would turn out.  The MRE pack included the following:

  • chicken fajita entree
  • 2nd entree was fried rice
  • pack of tortillas
  • dessert consisted of a spice cake
  • 2 drink packets:  cocoa beverage powder and orange flavored electrolyte carbohydrate mix
  • salsa packet
  • eating utensils including salt and pepper
  • heater unit

Contents of MREI added water to the heating unit as directed and wrapped it around the two entrees.

Chicken Fajita entreeThe chicken fajita warmed up really well, but the rice was only slightly warm.  I decided to throw it in boiling water for a minute and it warmed up.  More on this later.

Here is the rice after it warmed up.

MRE Rice

The tortilla packet included 2 flour tortillas-they were ready to eat and did not need warming.  I made 2 tacos by filling the tortillas with chicken, rice and salsa Now for the taste test.

  • I was not expecting a lot from the tortillas but they turned out great- the texture and taste were on par with a brand name such as Mission.
  • The chicken had a stew type consistency, and was a bit more saucy to my taste, but added as a taco filling with the rice, it tasted good.
  • The rice also had a nice texture and flavor.
  • The spice cake was very sweet – I prefer a less sweet taste, but that is my preference.

A few days later, I emailed my contact at Meal Kit Supply to find out why the 2nd entree did not warm up as well.  As I suspected, I positioned it the wrong way, since I wrapped it around the 2 entrees like a blanket, but the correct way is:

“The flameless ration heater should be wrapped around the rations in a ‘z’ fashion — the rations should not touch each other and instead should be inserted on the inner parts of the ‘z.’ Once you’ve done this, quickly shove it back in a ration box before it starts billowing up with steam and let it sit for a few minutes.”

She also mentioned that this was common:  “We’ve received a few emails with confusion over flameless ration heater use, so it is something we are addressing (i.e. clear explanation on the site as well as the bag itself).”

As an emergency food, the chicken fajita is a good choice and passed the taste test.  With so much food included, and with the ability to make two tacos, I felt that two people can split this entree in an emergency.


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Review of MRE from Meal Kit Supply



MRE from Meal Kit Supply             All photos by Bernie Carr

I received samples of MREs from Meal Kit Supply for review.   I have tried other MREs in the past, so I have something to compare this.  The package I tried was the Vegetarian Ratatouile.  It included the following:  heating unit, Vegetarian Ratatouille entrée, Au Gratin Potatoes side dish, cracker and cheese, strawberry banana shake, lemon lime beverage mix, condiments, and spoon.

MRE contents

I set up the heating unit according to package directions.  All you have to do is open it, and add about 1/2 cup of water to the bag, up to the line indicated.  You then wrap the heating unit around the entree and side dish according to the photo illustration.  It was very easy.  Then you place a weight on top of it.

MRE Heating Unit

Activated MRE Heating Unit

I felt the heating unit activate as soon as I placed the weight on it.  The whole thing started puffing up and you hear a sizzling sound.  The weight was about to fall off so I removed it when the unit got very puffy.  In about 10 minutes, both the entree and side dish were warm.

I also prepared the strawberry shake.  Just add water to the powder and shake.  It took a bit of shaking to mix it properly, but here is the result.

Strawberry shake with MRE

Strawberry shake included with MRE

Once the meal was warm I transferred them into bowls.


Meal Supply Kit MRE Au Gratin Potatoes

Meal Supply Kit MRE Au Gratin Potatoes

Meal Supply Kit Vegetarian Ratatouile

Meal Supply Kit Vegetarian Ratatouille

Now for the taste test.

  • The potatoes had a good texture, and had a creamy cheese taste.  It was comparable to name brand packaged au gratin potatoes.
  • The vegetarian ratatouille was actually pretty tasty.  It had vegetable pieces and sauce was flavorful.
  • The strawberry shake tasted similar to Nesle’s Strawberry Quik; I think kids would like it.

All in all, I thought the MRE from Meal Kit Supply was fresher tasting than other MREs I have tried in the past.   Prior to this sample, I have never finished one; in this case I actually ate the rest of it as my lunch.   (Please note Apartment Prepper has no financial interest in Meal Kit Supply.  I review these samples so I can pass information along.  Food storage quality varies greatly, so it is best to research your choices prior to making a decision.)

Their website is
( – the US site).

The site has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that had some good information.  Here is an excerpt:

What is the shelf life of your MRE’s?
5 Years, assuming they are stored at 55°F. If stored at a higher or lower temperature this can be shortened or lengthened based on the test results below :
Sustained Storage Temperatures °F Estimated Shelf-life (in months):
120° 1 month
110° 5 month
100° 18 month
90° 30 month
80° 48 month
70° 66 month
60° 84 month
50° to 33° 96 month
Can MREs be frozen?
Yes, MREs can freeze. When frozen may require more careful handling to avoid damage to the packaging. However, we do not recommend freezing them. For more information contact us at
Are the meals full of preservatives?
The meals are preservative free. By fully cooking the meals and sealing them in three layer retort pouches that are thermal stabilized maintains the nutritional goodness, full flavour and natural juices which result in the prolonged duration shelf life without requiring refrigeration.

Lastly, are some important points they wanted you to be aware of:
- Shipping is included in the $129.95 price (a case of 12)
- Their MREs are made from 100% US Military food components (the same
ones used in Military MREs)
- Meal Supply Kit MREs are very fresh (they are currently taking pre-orders for
January production MREs)  This explains why this sample tasted fresher than other ones I’ve tried)
- They pack more items/components into their MREs than any other commercial MRE
They ship to both the U.S. and Canada.


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