December 2, 2016

“The Prepper’s Pocket Guide” Giveaway at Surviving and Thriving Blog

Just a quick post this evening to let everyone know, Donna Freedman, who wrote the recent article on MSN Money “Survive a Disaster in Your Condo”  is hosting a giveaway of “The Prepper’s Pocket Guide” on her personal blog, “Surviving and Thriving”  Click on the link to her blog and you will find “Giveaway:  The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.” As an added bonus, the giveaway also includes a handmade (by me!) paracord bracelet, made according to the winner’s size.

“What’s the catch?” you may wonder.  There is no catch, just check out the giveaway and follow the instructions on how to participate if you are interested.  Do it soon, as the deadline is 9 p.m. PDT on Monday, Sept. 5.  

Donna is one of the personal finance writers whom I admire and her Surviving and Thriving blog is a wealth of information on saving money, getting freebies and living a frugal lifestyle.  The web address is  Check it out and good luck!



4 Comments on “The Prepper’s Pocket Guide” Giveaway at Surviving and Thriving Blog

  1. I found your blog this afternoon after reading your book which I bought at Amazon. It is a useful tool and I enjoyed the simple straightforward information that you provide. I consider myself a beginner/intermediate prepper. My family and I began prepping a year ago and to be honest, I’ve read most of what you talk about. I considered that before I bought the book, but what I wanted when I purchased the book, was an easy to read reminder of what my goals are. It is so easy to get lost in the task. It becomes huge when it doesn’t need to. I needed something to put me back into focus. Your book does that and more and I appreciate it. I’ll be returning to read your blog as well, even though we have left the urban setting and now live in rural (and desert) West Texas. You’ve obviously got alot to contribute to the prepping discussion.

    • Hi Beth! Welcome to the blog. I am glad you found the book useful. When I wrote the book I struggled with the notion that more experienced or intermediate preppers would not get a lot out of it, as it is more of a beginner’s guide. I still look at it myself, as a reminder of all the things I have yet to accomplish. Thank you for the comment!

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