November 22, 2017

This is Cool: Solar Water Bottle

My daughter sent me a link to this YouTube video, since she knows I like sustainable, low-tech ideas like these.

Made from 1.5 liter Coke bottles, 2 cap-fuls of bleach and tap water, they are able to provide lighting to people who would otherwise live in the dark.  They are made from recycled materials, are solar powered, and only need replacing every five years.  I think the bleach keeps algae from growing in the tap water, which will eventually cloud the water.  The only drawback is they do not work without sunlight, but since the families perpetually live in very dark areas, even in the daytime, having the solar water bottles is a big improvement for them.

This is the nonprofit organization in the Philippines is helping provide families who have no electricity with indoor lighting:

In the event of a lengthy power grid power failure, it doesn’t hurt to know about a variety of lighting sources such as this one.



6 Comments on This is Cool: Solar Water Bottle

  1. I saw this video and am thinking about installing soda bottle solar lights in the chicken coop. It would certainly be a lot cheaper than using the translucent plastic panels for the roof and the soda bottles reflect the light, not just let it in.

    • Trying the solar water bottle on the chicken coop is a great idea. I was trying to figure out where I would use one now, but there is no place in the apartment for one.

    • I thought so too. Whatifitstoday may use it for a chicken coop; might work for an outdoor shed or storage building that doesn’t have power connection.

    • Maybe you can try this Dan! If you have a garden shed or chicken coop that can use some light at your new place that is.

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