October 14, 2017

This Skill Needs Constant Practice

We went target shooting at the range a couple of days ago.

When I started out, I was not hitting the targets very well at all.  The pistol targets were set up 10 yards away.  I did not have any trouble loading, I did fine with that part.  But I did not do well hitting the targets until it was almost time to go.  I was barely starting to have fun but I was nearly out of bullets.

So we restocked and went again the next day.  I did much better than the previous day.

Due to time and budget reasons we stopped going for a few months.  Ammo is not cheap and the entrance fees also cost a few dollars.  Like any skill, handling a gun and shooting at targets needs constant practice.  I think we would need to go a lot more frequently than before.


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    • Oh wow, no wonder some of the gun ranges in the area do not allow customers to pick up brass. The range officers sweep them up when they call a break to change targets.

  1. We sell our brass at the gun shows for more ammo. When I was a teenager I used to help my Mom reload, it was fun but a little unnerving when you hit a primer accidently with the press. Reloading is a great way to help save money.

    • I wish we could do reloading.. the gun ranges here do not allow picking up-they sweep them up into buckets.

  2. Took my kids (15 & 19) to the range yesterday. We try to go at least once a month and to rotate through several different types of firearms. It always amazes me that parents don’t teach their kids gun safety.

  3. Reloading is great if you shoot ALOT, but it’s pretty expensive to get started, and most people won’t shoot enough to recupe the startup cost. I’d recommend getting a 22 pistol instead. Then you can get a lot more practice for your money, and also add another good gun to your collection.

    • We likely do not go target shooting enough to start reloading then. The 22 pistol would be good for practice, easy to handle to. I will have to shop for a reasonably priced one. Thanks!

  4. Another way to maintain skill level is to dry fire 10-20 minutes every day or two. Get some A-zoom snap caps to protect your firing pin an practice reloading the gun. Pick a place with a wall that will stop a bullet, put up a target and practice squeezing the trigger without disturbing the sights. Unload the gun elsewhere and take it to the dry fire area. No distractions from other people, radio, etc. Don’t do it any longer than you can stay focused. If interrupted, stop the session. When done tell yourself 3 times “the gun is loaded” and take it back to it’s normal storage mode. Never take “one more” on your way from the designated area. You need 3,000-5 ,000 repititions to make something a conditioned response. Lots of short sessions w/ sleep between.

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