November 23, 2017

Win a Free Copy of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Book!

Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag

You can win a free autographed copy of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag.  See my review:

If You Read this Book, “You Will Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag”

Just leave a comment below on the following subject: 

What would make you decide to bug out of your home versus shelter in place?

The winner will be a random drawing from all the comment writers.  Contest ends on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 8 pm Central, and I will announce the lucky winner on Monday, May 28th. 

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43 Comments on Win a Free Copy of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Book!

  1. The only things I can think of that would make us bug out instead of bug in are: Flood (we’ve had to sandbag before) and fire. Or, more than two in-laws visiting at one time (definite bug out situation).

  2. I live in Portland, Oregon, and the three elements that would make me leave the house. One, what is the status of our food and water supplies. Two, what is the condition of the roads. Three, do I feel threaten by the people surrounding and in my neighborhood.

  3. If I could no longer defend myself, my home, or my family. I would then try to make to a safer place by either walking or biking. I figure that any bridges would be packed with cars, so I’d have to find an alternate route less traveled to make it to a better place for me to be.

  4. A tree house near my place of work would be fun and practical. And I could awake to the Manhattan sky line!

  5. I would consider leaving my home rather than sheltering in place if an airborn threat was immanent . I don’t believe you can seal up a house or apartment enough to protect against this type of threat. It would be far safer, in my opinion, to move to a location that would not be effected by this threat.

  6. I live in the suburb of a large city and would bug out before a localized natural disaster (ie hurricane). I would also want to bug out to rural family in case of economic collapse or violent social unrest.

  7. As a newbie prepper, I hear so much conflicting advice and would very much appreciate getting the perspective from this book!

  8. What it would take is. 1. No food or water left. 2. We could no longer protect are selfs.

  9. For me the driving factor is where would it be best for my family – safety, essentials needs, space, etc.

  10. Short of a flood, not much. Being5 feet off the ground gives us advantages others don’t around here.

  11. I am from the Mtns of NY….To make me leave my location and bug out would have to be due to a major weather change or perhaps being out numbered by the “human element” ….my plan would be to stay local as I have setup several local area survival locations with backup supply

  12. Extreme weather would be the most likely. (flood, fire) However, living near a major city there is always the possibility of riots, civil unrest, invasion, etc. Not having a easily defensible apartment, bugging out seems like a grand idea. 🙂

  13. Unusual earthquake activity would make us leave. We live in the midwest near the New Madrid fault line. If that starts showing unusual signs of life, we’re out of here! No amount of food or water storage is going to be useful if the earth eats it itself 🙂

  14. The one thing that would make me bug out would be a incident involving a “dirty bomb” if the wind were blowing stuff my way. I know my neighbors and neighborhood so I do not fear them.

  15. I would try to stay in place if possible. I would try to leave if The Feds start rounding up people for Fema camp. In addition, I would leave if there were a severe chemical spill or if civil unrest was to difficult to stay in place.

  16. I would only bug out if either food were unavailable after we exhausted all of our food storage supplies, or if I could no longer defend my well armed home from predators.

  17. I would use a bug out bag. I think that with mobility would come with the ability to adapt and greater resources versus being a sitting duck in a shelter.

  18. We live right next to “Site R”, the formerly secret backup Pentagon that was the “undisclosed location” they sent Cheney to on 9/11. It is possible that the government will declare Martial Law in this area if there is a significant terrorist event or social unrest, and we could be forced to evacuate (there were rumors that was going to happen on 9/11). That is the main reason we would consider “bugging out”.

  19. For me, I’d want to leave almost immediately. I live in a rather large apartment complex so the population density would almost guarantee I’d have competitors for my supplies and food in the area. Also, I’d want to get at least a tank full of gasoline away from the city (suggested by Creek Stewart).

  20. There are a number of circumstances that would force me to leave my home. Natural gas leak in the neighborhood, police stand-off in a neighboring house and a house fire where my house is threatened or my family would be in the way of firefighting activities are just a few examples.

  21. I live off of one of the Bayou’s in Houston, so impending flooding would definitely push me to bug out rather than hunker down. When the Bayou crests during a hurricane, my area would be cut off from all vehicle access.

  22. I think the decision to ‘bug out’ is one which requires a lot of previous thought and mental scenarios using the following information: 1. the probable length of the event. (till utilities and food is restored), 2. the level of civil unrest and time till order is restored. 3. amount of food, water and survival supplies you have on hand. 4. transportation available, as well as fuel and condition of exit routes, 5. Do you have an alternate location to go to that is safer.: X Bugout if there are no stored survival items at hand, health hazards are imminent and leave early., XX Stay in place if travel is impractical, no place to go, and family members unable to travel. (babies, infirm, seniors) XXX key is to plan ahead, store supplies and replay the mental scenarios often with family. Ron Benninghoff

  23. The main reasons I think I would “Bug Out” would be:
    1 The apartment I’m in becomes unsafe structurally
    2 My home should be over run by looters or aggressors
    3 Threat of outbreak, disease

  24. I think one of the few reasons that I would bug out instead of trying to stay put in an emergency situation would be if my family’s and my life would be endangered by staying. An example of this is happening now in Northern Ontario around the small town of Kirkland Lake. The residents there have been told to prepare a 72 hour bug out bag for themselves and be prepared to leave immediately if notified because of a forest fire which is only 3 km from town. My bags would be ready and waiting in my car in that situation.

  25. I live in an area of NJ that floods out fairly frequently. That would be the most likely scenario for a bug out. I also live less than 30 miles from NYC – any terrorist / dirty bomb scenario puts me too close for comfort.

  26. The situation at home would have to deteriorate quite quickly for me to bugout. As long as I had ample supplies of water, I would stay. Plus, I do not have a rock-solid bugout location, save for a few family locations where I would be welcome for at least a while.

  27. If my home posed a danger because it was structurally unsound because of an earthquake, or if it were dangerous because of the people in the area, I would bug out.

  28. I’m in Canada, not a whole lot goes on here that would make me need to leave me house. That being said, there are some wild protests going on in Montreal, if that were my street, I’d likely head out. Otherwise, maybe a huge unexpected earthquake like Italy just had which forced them from their homes. There are wildfires raging up north which made people have to evacuate, any one of those three major events would be a good reason to bug out.

  29. It would have to be big, probably a flood or total freak out in our city. We have lots of kids, most under the age of 2 and bugging out with babies isn’t something I want to do!

  30. Since I live on a coastal city the most common reason is a strong hurricane. Anything rated 3 or above is ‘run for the hills’

  31. Here’s a couple of things that would make me bug out:

    1) Food/Water Shortage
    2) My Defensive Position Being Overrun
    3) Marshal Law/Curfew
    5) Foreign Invasion

  32. We don’t have a “local” bug out location. We are staying put unless we have a strong enough expectation that the S has really and truly HTF and is going to stay that way. In that case, we would bug out to our Northern Contingent, over 1,500 miles away. It has to be pretty bad for us to truly bug out. Ominous economic collapse, full scale war, roving gangs becoming the norm.. but, as usual, you face the question of how you Know the S has HTF. Flood, fire and tornadoes are all obvious – how do you plan for the more gradual onsets?

    ~ Sandy Taylor

  33. I would definitely bug out due to flooding or fire and am in the process of building bags for me and my son. However, I am ALSO in the process of attempting to secure my home, cultivate my gardening, food preservation, medical and firearm skills, and steadily expand my ‘dead tree survival library’. It’s obviously been quite a very busy year for me!!!

  34. The primary thing that I’m figuring to cause a bug-out is fire. Considering looking at my apartment, it must have been built by Pilgrim settlers who didn’t believe in any kind of safety codes, it’s either that or a bird will land on the roof and cave in the ceiling….

  35. I feel like I live in an area where it would be relatively safe to remain. It is rural and it is a home but extremely small with no good areas for prep storage so I am making due. What would make be bug out rather than to hunker down would be if the structure was no longer safe or could no longer be defended against attack. At that point I would begin the journey (driving, walking, biking) to my sister’s farm (3 hr drive) where she has greater supplies and defense.

  36. Discussed it with my wife, we decided we would Bug out if
    1. Category 5 Hurricane
    2. Economic Failure in this country
    3. Major Rioting in our neighborhood
    4. Major Pandemic and/or Epidemnic in our neighborhood
    5. E.M.P.
    6. Nuclear War (near a Major Major Military Base)
    These decisions are based upon us living in a big city.

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