March 8, 2019

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag

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Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag

I was very interested in checking out Prescott Fire Resistant Bag when I first heard about it.

Here’s a bit of history behind the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag, as told by Roberta Flood, owner of Zquared Away:

“I had a friend loose everything in a house fire including important documents, pre digital and vintage photos and a lot of scrapbooks. I had just gotten out of the Army National Guard where I was a CH47D (Chinook) helicopter pilot. We wore Nomex flight suits that have fire resistant capabilities. I began to play around with designs over the next few years with Nomex until it dawned on me that the fire industry already had the perfect formula. We use the same layers of fabric the fire fighters use although our construction is unique and patent pending.”

The Prescott Fire Resistant bag is manufactured by Zquared Away. They manufacture and sell a line of protective covers for home archival use. These patent pending bags are designed to offer the same peace of mind a fire fighter has when entering a burning building.  Their triple layered covers will protect against flame, smoke, heat and the water application used to mitigate most house fires.

The Prescott Fire Resistant bag has some great features:

  • Outer material is made from Nomex® blend, Fire fighter gear, also known as turn out gear, in the United States adheres to the guidelines put forth in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set of standards.
  • The outer layer is water repellant and the yellow layer is also a FR (fire resistant) moisture barrier.  Seam sealed with an FR seam tape.  When rolled down in the closed position, the bag should withstand the heavy application of water from fire hoses.
  • The inner most liner that appears quilted is also FR and provides the thermal protection.  This layer will keep contents protected against extreme heat.
  • Made in the U.S.

Having reviewed many products over the years, I was excited to test their products. I received the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag and Outer Banks thumb drive cover.  Check out Zquared Away’s test of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag in this video.

My impressions of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag:

The bag was a lot larger than I envisioned. I imagined it to be a standard tote bag size and was a little concerned it would not fit all the items I’d like protected. Well, I was glad I was mistaken in my original assumption – the bag is huge.   It also has an inner quilted layer that cushions the contents of the bag and adds another layer of protection.  The stitching is tight and the bag is well-made.

Long time readers know I test all products that I review, and report both good and bad results.  Some products are presented well, but you never know how they will turn out until you actually test it.  I did my own testing and here are the results:

What happens when you add heavy contents to the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag?

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag2

I added the following to the bag:

· grab and go binder
· wedding album
· photo album

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag3

Here is the filled bag.  The bag is not overly stuffed; I could have added a few other documents or keepsakes if needed.

I did the following tests on the Outer Banks Protective Thumb Drive Cover (sold separately) that is made from the same material.  (Please note the “burn” test was done taking all safety precautions and with a fire extinguisher on hand.)

What happens when the bag gets wet?

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag4

I doused the bag with water using a kitchen sprayer.  The water instantly beads on the cloth and does not penetrate into the contents.

What happens when the bag gets burned?

We set fire to the bag using a lighter for about five minutes.

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag5

The cloth did turn black, and the fire caught momentarily but the fire doused itself.  The fabric does turn black, but upon inspection of the contents were not affected.

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag6

As you can see, the inside of the bag did not get burned.

Review of the Prescott Fire Resistant bag7I can say Zquared Away’s products did pass the tests.

Zquared Away’s Additional Offer

In the area of fire fighting, once fire fighter gear has done its job protecting a fire fighter in one intense house fire, then it has served honorably and can be retired.

Zquared Away has a nice offer that if the ZquaredAway line of protective covers has also done their job in a house fire, then they will be happy to replace up to 5 of your bags.  All that you need to do is send them back the old ones.

The Prescott Fire Resistant Bag and Thumb Drive Cover are available from Amazon.

The Prescott Fire Resistant Bag and Thumb Drive Cover are ideal containers for your grab and go binder, family photos and other important documents.  Having them in a bag makes them portable and protected at the same time.

Check out the post following this review for a great giveaway of the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag and Thumb Drive Cover.  Or visit Amazon to order Prescott Fire Resistant Bag and Thumb Drive Cover.

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