August 10, 2020

How to Make Bean Sprouts Last More Than a Week

One type vegetable that rapidly deteriorates in the fridge is bean sprouts. I bought a bag from the market, and wanted it to last until the following week so I can use it up. This time, I will experiment using various methods to make the bean sprouts last for at least a week to 10 days. […]

12 Emergency Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

This post is by Bernie Carr, Rubbing alcohol is of the items that ran low a couple of months ago during panic buying spurred by COVID-19. Diabetics, who needed rubbing alcohol and alcohol swabs for use with their insulin shots were having a difficult time finding what they needed. A friend of mine ran out of Lysol spray and antibacterial gel. So she filled a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (containing 70% alcohol) and used it for anything she […]

The Pros and Cons of Nest/Ring Doorbells

Written by Martin Banks The world can be a scary place. With rising tensions around the globe, home security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Thankfully, modern technology means we have more than just barred windows and deadbolted doors to keep us safe. Networked video-capable doorbells like the ones manufactured by brands like Nest and Ring are growing in popularity. What are the pros and cons of these smart doorbells, and should you be considering one for your home? […]

How to Relieve Skin Rashes from Poisonous Plants

This post is by Bernie Carr, I was checking social media posts when I came across a friend’s update indicating she was exposed to poison ivy during the lockdown and did not have any first aid supplies to deal with it.  When you spend time outdoors – hiking, gardening, taking your dog for a walk – there is always a chance you will get exposed to a poisonous plant.  It’s a common occurrence year-round but especially during warm weather. […]

Bubonic Plague Case has been Confirmed in China – Should We be Worried?

This post is by Bernie Carr, I heard on the news yesterday that a case of bubonic plague has occurred in China’s Inner Mongolia region. Yes, it’s the same plague that caused the Black Death that killed over 50 million in Europe back in the Middle Ages. The disease is transmitted between animals by fleas, and can be transmitted from animals to humans. Before you say, “not another 2020 disaster!” let’s look at the facts. What happened? According to […]

10 Ways to Stay Cool during a Summer Power Outage

This post is by Bernie Carr, Power outages are common during the summertime – they can be caused by wildfires, thunderstorms or an over-loaded electricity grid. For the majority of people, extreme heat can be very uncomfortable, but for some, it can be life threatening. If your power goes out, are you prepared to stay cool without air conditioning? These tips are quick and easy and do not require any long term changes such as planting trees or upgrading […]

Stay Out of Trouble this 4th of July Weekend

This post is by Bernie Carr, My previous 4th of July posts were usually about remembering and being grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. But this 4th of July weekend coming up makes me feel a bit more anxious than in years past.  There are more threats to pay attention to, and many people are worried about how it will turn out. Violence I think one of the threats you should be aware of is […]

Prepare for a Second Wave of COVID-19

This post is by Bernie Carr, In many areas, face masks are mandated when out in public places. When I went grocery shopping, I’d say only 50% wore masks, and even fewer were social distancing. I also see a lot of people pull their masks down as soon as they start talking to someone. Technically, they can say they are wearing a mask, and they don’t care if they use it improperly. It seems people are starting to take […]

10 Protein Sources When Meat is Scarce

This post is by Bernie Carr, At my last grocery shopping trip, I noticed that meat has gotten very expensive, and in some cases hard to find. Many meat processing plants have shut down due to workers becoming ill from COVID-19, causing a meat shortage. Hopefully, this is a temporary situation, but in the meantime, we all have to cope with the high prices of meat. We already know we can always use less meat, buy cheaper cuts or […]

5 More Risks You Need to Watch for Besides COVID-19

This post is by Bernie Carr, Just a quick post today to discuss some risks we all need to be aware of, in addition to COVID-19. This year has certainly provided a lot of challenges and threats. As we have passed the halfway mark of the year, there are plenty more risks to watch out for. Severe weather Several states are experiencing severe weather. From Colorado to Virginia, severe storms are bringing damage and even death.  These storms bring […]

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