July 27, 2018

10 Best Tips for Storing Emergency Supplies in a Small Space

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Of all the challenges faced by apartment dwellers, the issue of storage seems to be in the top category.  It is compounded when you are trying to find spaces to hide emergency supplies.  We polled the readers for what methods worked for them and here are the top ten: Think vertically. Utilize the space on top of your refrigerator – you can store organizers and fill them with canned food, pasta, and other […]

Super Simple and Cheap Emergency Lamp

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com My last homemade lamp creation continues to be a very popular post.  I thought it’s about time to try making an even simpler one, with items that can be found in most homes.  This lamp, as my previous one, was learned from reading  Lanterns, Lamps & Candles by Ron Brown, which contains a wealth of information about emergency lighting. Materials The items needed for this lamp are very easy to find: Cotton ball or […]

First Aid Kit – Buy One Get One Free Deal for Apartment Prepper Readers!

Survival Hax is offering a special deal for Apartment Prepper readers. Get two First Aid kits for the price of one.  Here is how you get the discount: Step 1 – Click the link below. Survival Hax First Aid kit Step 2 – Add 2 to Cart, then proceed to checkout Step 3 – Enter promo code R3KHPLMX This code will allow you to get two First Aid Kits for $15.99. I tried it myself and it works.  The discount […]

Why Writing a Journal is Important in a Prolonged Emergency

Written by Lucas Cappel   Many people are yet to embrace the culture of keeping diaries and journals as they find it hectic and unnecessary. Many will argue that diary keeping will steal some minutes of their rather busy day. Others may hold the opinion that it will bring back irrelevant memories that have nothing to do with the present and would only make a person hate their past. Most of the reasons for not keeping a diary are genuine, but […]

5 Summer Survival Threats You Should Look Out For

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I love summertime, a chance to kick back and take some time off.  Kids are out of school for the summer and the pace has slowed down.   The summer also signals a slowdown in preparedness – I know… even blog visits get a bit slower.   People go out of town, go on vacation and relax, which is just fine.  But summer also has its own share of dangers that are often overlooked in […]

Five Habits that Will Help you Prepare for Most Emergencies

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Many people are still reeling from the after-effects of the last disasters.  Nearly  10 months after Hurricane Harvey, I still see piles of debris from devastated neighborhoods.  This time around another active season is predicted, while a new storm has already hit in Florida.  Many residents in the Big Island of Hawaii are threatened by the erupting volcano and many neighborhoods have had to be evacuated.  People are taking a fresh interest in […]

The Best Plants for a Happy and Healthy Home

Written by Sarah Smith Today, more than ever, a majority of the population lives a very disconnected life from nature. It’s no secret that many of us fill our homes with synthetic furnishings, buy food loaded with preservatives, and live a very sedentary lifestyle compared to the generations that came before us. A majority of this can be blamed on today’s technology and improvements to manufacturing that make it easy to rely on store bought goods or medicines to make […]

Money Mondays: How to Cope with High Gas Prices

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Gas prices seemed to increase almost daily this past week.  The combination of tighter supplies by OPEC, lower U.S. inventory, high demand and the U.S. getting out of the Iran deal seems to have caused the highest gas prices since November 2014.  Texas has lower gas prices than many states, but even we’re seeing some drastic increases, causing a drain on the pocketbook. A firm that tracks gasoline prices, GasBuddy has predicted gas prices […]

Prepping for Disaster: 10 Must-Have Items Everyone Forgets

Written by Kylie Sophia Fitch Emergency preparedness is more important than ever. You don’t need to live in Tornado Alley to prepare for a disaster or home emergency—they can strike anyone, anywhere. In fact, a survey conducted by Allstate in 2014 found that 92% of Americans have survived a natural disaster of some kind. But despite the frequency of these events, fewer than 10% of Americans have taken basic preparedness steps like practicing an evacuation. After a disaster strikes, it’s […]

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