September 11, 2018

Money Mondays: What Renters Should Know About Apartment Insurance

This post is by Bernie Carr, I was watching the morning news and one of the stories covered was an apartment fire.  Many tenants were evacuated; fortunately, no one was hurt.  However, a few families lost all their belongings.  One of the victims interviewed was very distraught.  She said they lost everything, and did not have any insurance.  I felt bad hearing about this and thought it’s about time I write about this boring but necessary subject for apartment dwellers. […]

How to Hide Your Emergency Supplies During an Apartment Inspection

This post is by Bernie Carr, There it was, a note taped to our door:  “You are scheduled for the annual mandatory apartment inspection per the terms of your lease.  You need not be home for the inspection.”  The note went on to specify the week the inspection was being conducted, and the block of hours. At the time, I had just finished packing the 5-gallon buckets of staples, and they were all over the dining room.  I called […]

Money Mondays: How to Start a Food Storage Plan If You are on Public Assistance

This post is by Bernie Carr, Everyone goes through a financial rough patch now and then – a job loss, business failure, disability etc.   A lot of readers have asked me the question whether someone on public assistance can start a food storage plan.  Sure, it is possible to start a food storage plan if you are on SNAP benefits, or if you have limited income coming in. Here is an infographic on getting started.  

What You Can Do With Food If Your Fridge Stops Working

This post is by Bernie Carr, A couple of weeks ago, we were discussing the cyber threat to the public infrastructure.  If you were to have a power outage, would you know what to do with the food in your refrigerator and freezer?  I created the infographic below to give you a few things to think about:     For more information, here are a few articles: Fridge Items that May Last through a Power Outage Beliefs About Fridge […]

Money Mondays: Moving Tips for Apartment Preppers

This post is by Bernie Carr, For most renters, moving to another place to live is not only a big ordeal, it can also be costly.  Since it is an inevitable part of an apartment dweller’s life, we might as well find a few ways to make it easier and less painful on the pocketbook. Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years: Declutter Pare down your belongings as soon as you know you are […]

Supplies that Quickly Sell Out Before a Hurricane

  Written by Jack Billington   A few years ago I found myself on the receiving end of an inbound hurricane, a first for me. I have experienced minor earthquakes, tornados, wildfires, ice storms, blizzards, and a variety of strong storm systems before but this was the first time that I was on an island, with nowhere to go, waiting for a swirling mass of mother nature named Iselle to inflict her damage on us. (We were fortunate, the hurricane […]

Prime Day Deals for Apartment Prepper Readers

This post is by Bernie Carr, Today is Amazon Prime Day, where you will find thousands of discounted items on Amazon. Survival Hax has provided our readers with a 30% discount for Amazon Prime Day. Visit the following Link: Survival Hax Choose the item you’d like to order Enter the code  30SRVVALGEAR at checkout. What if you are not a Prime Member? You can still take advantage of Prime Day deals by using the free 30-day trial below:   I am […]

U.S. Intelligence Chief is Warning About Cyber Threats to Our Infrastructure

This post is by Bernie Carr, The Director of Intelligence Dan Coates is warning that our infrastructure is being threatened by a cyber attack: According to Reuters, the U.S. Intel Chief indicated at a recent speech at the Hudson Institute think tank: … the threat was growing for a devastating cyber assault on critical U.S. infrastructure And that the “warning lights are blinking red again” nearly two decades after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He also added that “Russia, […]

How Can You Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout?

Written by Amy Hunt Have you ever stopped to think about what you would do if you were to experience a nuclear blast? Would you know what to do if it came down to it? It may seem extreme, but being prepared for survival in the event of a full-on nuclear fallout could literally be the difference between life and death in a time of such crisis. This doesn’t mean spending large portions of their income and time setting up […]

Money Mondays: 7 Online Habits that Make You a Target for Thieves

This post is by Bernie Carr, People take a lot of precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime in their daily life.  They may have alarm systems, cameras in their front and back doors, motion activated lights, take self-defense, classes, carry weapons etc.   But they may be neglecting to protect themselves from the fastest growing crime: cyber theft. Certain habits make you more vulnerable to identity theft.  Unfortunately, they are very easy to take for granted until it […]

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