November 12, 2019

10 Emergency Uses for Lip Balm

This post is by Bernie Carr,   A lot of people carry a tube of lip balm to care for care for chapped lips. But lip balm has a lot more uses. Blister relief If you’re on a hike and feel a blister coming on but forgot to pack blister pads, apply lip balm on the affected area. Firestarter Just like lipstick, lip balm makes it easier to start a fire.  Just apply it on a Q-tip or tinder and […]

Physical Fitness for the Entire Prepper Family

Written by Dan Vale How physically fit are your family members? What have you done to convince them to get into good physical shape before the next disaster? And most important of all, why get them all into good physical shape? For the answer, read on. Being in good physical shape will decrease the chances of suffering injuries such as strained muscles, sprained ligaments, and back injuries. Being physically fit will decrease the chances of suffering strokes or heart attacks. […]

2019 Prime Day Deals for Emergency Preparedness

Written By Bernie Carr Emergency gear expenses can add up, so why not take advantage when deals abound? I wanted to share a few Prime Day deals that I spotted (full disclosure-this site is an Amazon Affiliate. We receive a small percentage from Amazon from purchases from our links, at no additional cost to you). You should pick up items you have on your list of must-haves for emergency and survival. This would also be a good time to shop […]

Wildfires Can Happen Anytime – Are You Prepared?

This post is by Bernie Carr,   Yesterday, thousands of people in Maui were asked to evacuate as 3,000 acres burned. The fire was fueled by dry brush. According to the Maui News, “Power outages, along with internet, cellphone and landline service interruptions, occurred during the day due to the fire. Backed-up traffic, closures and blinding clouds of smoke impacted roadways.” Fortunately, the fire is now nearly contained. Even paradise in not immune to wildfires; this is a reminder […]

5 Earthquake Preparedness Tips to Protect Your Home

This post is by Bernie Carr, I did not feel the July 4th earthquake but I sure felt the one on Friday night, July 6th.  We were not in the immediate area but were close enough to feel it.  This experience reminds us that preparedness is not something we should set aside as disasters can happen at any time.  Don’t wait until another one catch you unaware – try doing these five things right away for your safety and […]

Disgusting and Dangerous: Food and Product Tampering on Social Media

This post is by Bernie Carr, A few days ago, I had read about this girl licking Blue Bell ice cream at a grocery store freezer section then putting it back on the shelf and laughing about it. She posted this act on social media where it quickly went viral.  As a result, Blue Bell has had to recall their product from entire areas in search of the contaminated item.  Subsequent articles indicated she has been identified by the […]

The Importance of Sleep for Survival

Editor’s note: Today we are discussing an aspect of survival that we have not covered before: sleep. Even though sleep is not immediately associated with survival and preparedness, it is actually critical you get a good night’s sleep to be able to function properly. The high stress involved in an emergency or disaster can rob you of sleep and cause more health problems and misery. The following article has some great tips that can help you get a good night’s […]

APOCABOX – Handpicked Survival Tools – Review and Giveaway

This post is by Bernie Carr, I’d love it if you can help support Apartment Prepper on Patreon to help keep this site free. But it’s all up to you, I’ll still post articles as normal whether you do or not 🙂   I got an invitation to try out the Apocabox and I gladly accepted. I was excited to receive the June package with the theme of “Get outside!” which is right up my alley. What is the […]

Threats to the Power Grid are Real. Can You Survive a Long Outage?

This post is by Bernie Carr,  You may have heard about that large scale power grid failure in three countries Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay last week.  Around 48 million people lost electricity. While the incident was blamed on design flaws of their interconnected power grid, the real cause is still under investigation. Can it happen here? We already know major disasters can cause extended power outages in regional areas.  Hurricane Sandy caused 48 million to lose power.  It took […]

5 Emergency Items to Carry With You

This post is by Bernie Carr, This article first appeared in The Allstate Blog It may not be practical to carry a fully stocked emergency kit everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for an unexpected scenario. Carrying five simple items with you can help you be ready for emergencies and other unexpected situations. Consider carrying the following items in a purse or your car’s glove box, or attaching the tools to your key chain […]

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