July 9, 2020

Reminder: I’ll be on Get Real–Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft, Preparedness Radio

Just a quick reminder, I will be on Get Real–Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft by Preparedness Radio  The show starts at 6 pm, this Saturday 4/28/2012; I will be on from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Eastern.   Here is the hyperlink to the show. You can access it live at 6:00 PM or listen to it archived, anytime after 7:30 PM. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2012/04/28/get-real-get-prepared-with-vickilynn-haycraft

Having A Meeting Place In Times Of Emergency

There are two overriding worries that we inevitably have during a time of danger and emergency. First, we want to know that we are safe. (Are we at risk? What should we do? Where should we go?) Second, we want to reassure ourselves of the safety of others – especially, of course, of our closest friends and family members. Many people look to address both of these concerns with one simple rule: when a disaster or an emergency strikes, every […]

Do this One Tip and Avoid Wasting Money

Last week I was paying bills when I noticed the electric bill was $25 higher than last month’s.  I didn’t think our usage changed that much so I called the power company to find out what changed.  I was right, our usage didn’t change that much.  But one thing did change:  the discount electric plan I had subscribed to had expired.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of such things so I asked why wasn’t I notified?  Well, it […]

A Review of Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst Case Scenarios

I was excited to receive my review copy of Survival Mom:  How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst Case Scenarios by Lisa Bedford.  I know you’re supposed to be neutral before you start reading, but I will admit I had high expectations for this book.  Having visited The Survival Mom blog for a couple of years, I know it is my “go-to” place to find out about survival issues for a mom such as myself. The book […]

Pest Control – a Necessary Part of your Prepping Efforts

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Pest control is not probably not one of the top ten survival and preparedness steps you will take to get started but it is still an unavoidable part of any prepper’s plan.  In a grid down situation, the presence of pests can only get worse, as sanitation worsens when trash pickup gets interrupted and vacant buildings and homes become more common.  Pests can carry diseases cause allergies for many people and can ruin […]

Readers’ Entries Part 2: A Variety of Tips for Prepping in an Apartment

Here is the final set of miscellaneous readers’ tips.  I had grouped the Storage Tips in the previous installment; these cover everything else.  There were a wide variety of topics; I hope you will find some that work for you! General Prepping My preparedness tip is to make having a good supply of water a top priority. Have several large size rigid (bpa free) water containers filled and ready as well as have bottles wtaer in your bug out bag. […]

Book Review: Holding Their Own

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com A month or so ago, I posted about reading Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival, by Joe Nobody,  over President’s Day weekend.  This book was written by the same author of Holding Your Ground, which I thought was valuable, but that was more of a manual instruction type book, while this one is fiction.  I have read so many other survival fiction books, I wasn’t sure how this would compare. Mr. Apt. […]

Don’t Throw it Out: Growing Vegetables from Trash

A couple of months ago, I posted about an Herb that was Grown from Trash that generated a lot of interest.  The experiment worked so well I still have fresh green onions I can use anytime. One of the comments (thanks Alison!) mentioned it is possible to try this with celery.   So I decided to try it the next time I had celery. I used up the celery and only the stump was left.  Usually I throw this out in […]

A Burglar’s Universal Search Pattern – How a Burglar Robs Your Home in 8 Minutes

There are a lot of things that a person can do in 8 minutes. For example, wash the dishes, make a sandwich, check email, or make a cup of coffee. Eight minutes is all a burglar needs to rob your home. That’s pretty fast considering this is a new environment for him, because all homes are different. Burglars don’t like to hang around inside your house for long. The longer they are inside, the higher the chances they’ll end up […]

Top 5 Online Tools for Backing Up Documents

You probably get at a minimum one important document every single day in the mail or online. These documents can range from things like different bank account information to up to date insurance cards and keeping these documents safe can mean keeping your identity and your loved ones safe, so it’s of the utmost importance that you find a way to make sure that they’re tucked away and protected. So how do you do that? One way to do so […]

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