March 22, 2020

Easy Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Due to lack of kitchen space I have not taken up canning, but it is definitely in my “to do” list.  But I have tried a few ways to preserve food, such as drying without a food dehydrator.  Today I will show you a very easy way to make marinated mushrooms.  It  is a variation of the recipe that appears in my first book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.

Marinated Mushrooms1I love the ones they sell at Costco, but they can be pricey especially if you eat them all in one day.  But if you learn how to make it yourself, you can make lots of it and it won’t hurt your wallet.  Plus, you know exactly what’s in it, so it is much healthier than store bought.

Here is my easy marinated mushrooms recipe:


pack of mushrooms

1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/8 cup of sugar

1/4 cup olive oil (not pictured)

2 cloves garlic

1/2 of a small sweet onion

small jar of pimentos

dash of Tabasco sauce

salt to taste

Marinated Mushrooms21.  Clean the mushrooms.  This recipe was given to me by my Aunt O who told me you must never wash mushrooms; use a brush to clean them.  However, the directions on the packaged mushrooms I got from the market says “Wash before using” so I am going with washing them.  Aunt O will not likely read this post, so let’s just keep this between us.  I washed and soaked the mushrooms and boy were they dusty!

2.  Dry the mushrooms on a paper or cloth towel.

Marinated Mushrooms33.  Mince the garlic and chop the onion.

4.  Mix the rice vinegar, salt, sugar, olive oil, tabasco sauce.  Add the garlic and stir well.

Marinated Mushrooms45.  Place the mushrooms and onions in a jar or bowl.  Add 1/2 of the small jar of pimentos, or about 1.5 tablespoons.

6.  Pour the vinegar mixture over the mushrooms.

7.  Refrigerate overnight.

Marinated Mushrooms5You will notice the mushrooms shrink by the next day.  They are best two days after you make them.

These marinated mushrooms are always a big hit at potlucks, and they make good hostess gifts as well.  If you are giving them out as gifts, transfer to a nicer jar and decorate if you wish.  Or, keep them for yourself and eat!

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