September 5, 2019

Food Storage Just Got Easier with My Patriot Supply

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I am excited to welcome our latest sponsor, My Patriot Supply.

Who is My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply is a store specializing in self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness.  It was established in 2008.  The store’s founders live the preparedness lifestyle and understand the needs of this community.  They believe that true freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance and their survival store was created with this truth in mind.


My Patriot Supply features only the finest quality survival items, including:

  • their signature Survival Seed Vault, a wide selection of individual survival heirloom seeds,
  • home canning supplies
  • Patriot Pantry survival food
  • Emergency water filtration, featuring the Survival Spring, the next generation personal water filtration straw that eliminates 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.

No matter what your survival needs, you can trust that you will find quality products and be treated with respect.

Food Storage Offers

For a limited time, My Patriot Supply is offering Apartment Prepper readers these great deals:

72 hour food kit for only $10

The kit contains 16 servings, with up to 25 years shelf life.

Includes 4 servings of the following in military grade Mylar pouches:

Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice

Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup

Traveler’s Stew

Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup

4 Emergency Week Food Supply for just $99

-140 adult servings

-Healthy food, drinks & snacks

-Up to 25-year shelf life

-Rugged slimline tote included

-FREE Shipping!

My Patriot Supply food products are made in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are looking to boost your food storage quickly and easily, grab these deals before they are gone.  Just click on the link below:

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6 Comments on Food Storage Just Got Easier with My Patriot Supply

  1. if you join/watch my patriot supply…they usually have a bogo for 3 month ($497) supply twice a year. they send the food in totes so its easy under the bed or closet storage. However, im buying different brands as not all suppliers are TRUE taste test guaranteed for thirty years as they suggest. MyPatSup included since theyve only been around since 2008. plus who wants to eat the same stale meal every day. so, mix it up with wise, mps, mountain house (ive tested and approve and millions of campers cant be wrong) very simple as MH you just add water and a spork…the pack is the bowl.

  2. Honestly if you have the money I don’t think you can go wrong with what I have done (food wise). As stated in any prep article, Buy long lasting foods (duh). But what I’ve done is bought meal bars specifically for survival. They are packed with vitamins, carbs, protein, fat etc. These last for several years, aren’t that expensive and will provide the essentials you can’t find in most stand alone types of food. I’ve also bought water cleaning tablets and pumps (lifestraw for ex). I have a large pond in front of my house and if need be I’ll be ready.

    Other things that I consider a must
    -survival/camping backpack that tightly secures to my body
    -all essentials like a Swiss Army knife, water proof candles and matches, first aid kit, plastic tarp, fishing tools (can be bought specifically for big out events and made very small), blankets, rope, bungi-cords, thin wire, whistle, smoke gernades, flair gun, batteries, backup charging battery device etc
    -Weapons: namely guns and ammo. I believe if you only have one gun, something like a 9mm with hollow point bullets works great for hunting and self defense. In my home I have a 9mm by my lazy boy, I also have a 38 special by my bed. I keep rifles and shotguns as well. If you can carry an assault rifle in the ultimate emergency you can’t go wrong with an Ak-47 (I’ve also got a cross bow that easily breaks apart for ease of carrying). A taser is a must. I also keep a baton. Having leg holsters for hand guns in a must.
    -gas mask, several o2 cans, and hazmat suit
    -home security. I keep an in-home camera security/alarm system. I also have an outdoor camera with a 180 field of view pointed at my door.
    -money and commodities like gold (gold is very high priced and keeping it rather than say Silver will be much less weight. Buying gold that comes inside a assay card can help for smaller amounts and proof that it’s indeed real
    -map, compas and planned escape routes. I have a local National Guard base near by..this “could be” a life saver in the right situations.
    -inflatable boat
    -pet supplies. My dog is my best friend and family. She goes where I go. Now my dog is very small, so I have another book bag that will be tied in the front of me rather than back (already have my survival backpack on) not to mention she is an amazing watch dog/alarm system

    In the event I have to flee my home I’ve tried to prepare the best way and most feasibly..keep things as light as possible. That said it isn’t. So keeping in shape, running with a heavy backpack is a great idea. Also, learn how shoot your guns and be able to take apart and fix them.

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