Monday Musings 12/1/2014: How to Cook a Perfect Steak in a Cast Iron Pan

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Welcome to another Monday Musings, where we share interesting links about all things preparedness, as well as updates on the blog.  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s December – this year has been going so quickly!

First the blog updates…

This past week had me experimenting with using my cast iron pan to make the perfect steak.  Cooking steak is a hit or miss for me, with the steak coming out dry nine time out of ten.  I prefer my steak to be on the medium well side, but tend to overcook it when cooking it on a pan.

How to cook a perfect steak in a cast iron pan

I remembered an article by Gaye Levy over a Backdoor Survival called Cooking Steak on your Cast Iron Survival Skillet.  When I first read it, I was skeptical about cooking steak in a super heated oven, but since I did not want to ruin these Omaha Steaks that were gifted to us, I thought why not give it a try.

The directions are simple – for exact instructions, go read the original article. 

I used what I already have in my kitchen so my steps varied slightly.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Season the steaks.  As Gaye instructed, I drizzled the steaks with olive oil, and seasoned them.  I used a Hawaiian sea salt rub  Let the steaks marinate for 30 minutes.
  2. Place your cast iron skillet in the oven and let the oven heat up to 500 degrees.   Make sure you have your oven mitts handy.
  3. Once the temperature reaches 500 degrees, use your oven mitts and take out the skillet.  Turn on the fan vents in your kitchen, it may get smokey.
  4. Place the skillet on your stove burner set on high.  My unit has an electric stove; I would have preferred a gas burner but it worked out.
  5. Place your steaks on the hot skillet, and time them for 30-40 seconds on each side.  The steaks will form a nice crust.
  6. Transfer the skillet with the steaks back to the 500 degree oven.  Let the steaks cook for two minutes, then flip and cook for two more minutes.  With these directions, a one inch steak will come out medium rare.  If you want the steaks to be medium well, you may add another minute, but that’s it.
  7. Take the steaks out of the skillet and place on a grill or upside down plate to “rest.”  The point is to for the steak not to sit on its juices. Cover with aluminum foil and let it sit for two to five minutes.

Please be cautioned that the cast iron skillet gets extremely hot.  I used oven mitts taking them in and out of the oven, but accidentally brushed up against the handle after I took off the mitts.  Ouch!  Don’t do that!

Verdict:  The steaks were the best I ever made.  They did not dry out and came out perfect.  The family gave them a thumbs up.

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Take care and have a great week everyone!


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