May 19, 2020

Book Feature: Liberators and Interview with James Wesley Rawles

This post is by Bernie Carr, Today we are featuring James Wesley Rawles’s latest book, Liberators.  As you know Mr. Rawles is the author of several books, and is the founder of SurvivalBlog, one of the first survival and emergency websites. What is Liberators about? America has experienced a socio-economic collapse that spreads throughout the world.  Looting and rioting affect all major cities.  The book follows Afghanistan War vet Ray McGregor as he makes his way from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula […]

Q and A with James Wesley Rawles on his latest novel EXPATRIATES

1.  EXPATRIATES is the fourth novel in your Coming Collapse series. What inspired you to write about survivalism?   Do you believe a real-life collapse is in our near future? I believe that global economic instability is rising substantially, so the risk of economic collapse is greater than ever before. Along with instability comes the risk of civil wars, regional wars, and perhaps even a Third World War. It is indeed time for people to stock up, team up, and batten […]

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