Ways to Save Money You May Not Have Tried

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Written by Bernie Carr

A lot of people are trying to cut back and find ways to save money. Here are some money saving tips from a Facebook group I visit. You might find some ideas you haven’t tried.

Save money with gift cards

At Kroger we buy gift cards for several of our favorite restaurants and also Home Depot. That really increases the amount of gas points that we get. Plus sometimes they have special events where the gas points are doubled or even four times the regular amount.

During the holidays, many restaurants and stores sell gift cards with a freebie thrown in, such as a free combo meal if you purchase $25 worth of cards. Buy them to give as gifts throughout the year, or use them yourself.

Split meals at restaurants

Because there are just the two of us, we only buy one meal and share it. That not only saves money but is healthier because there is always too much food for one person anyway. Win/win. Probably a lot of people already do this, but I thought I’d share just in case. 🌷

Check out Buy Nothing groups

I use my local Buy Nothing group and the app (new and less utilized in my area though), buy necessities in my local swap groups, and then if I’m unable to find an item buy new but shopping around for the lowest price first. The trade off is time.

Bulk bins

Check the bulk prices against the smaller package price! My favorite grocery store has an amazing bulk section, which I love for the lower prices on nuts and spices, but I discovered the 1-lb packages of pasta were actually a lower price per ounce than the bulk pasta. I found the same was true for regular white flour and sugar, although specialty sugars like raw cane sugar were lower in the bulk section.

Don’t toss those condiment packets

Use those condiment packets you’ve accumulated-here are some ideas.

Solar lights

Buy quality solar lanterns while they are on sale (right now in my area). They make great night lights or hallway lights. Power companies are starting to request rate increases, save where you can. Charge the solar lights outside when the sun is out, bring them indoors at night.

Free entertainment

Take advantage of free entertainment while it’s nice out. So many towns host music on different nights of the week in the summer months.

Stock up on seasonal items

Buy school supplies ahead and store. Index cards went up $.25 this year so I am guessing prices will just go up. Supplies would be good for kids or donations.

Have a “Buy Nothing” month

Pick one month and make it a “Buy nothing” month. I wouldn’t pick one of the holiday months such as November (Thanksgiving) or December (Christmas) as those are holidays we celebrate, or birthday months. Choose one that works for you.

Pick up pennies

Pick up coins that you find on the ground. My kids used to find change on the ground at school all the time, as some of their classmates regularly tossed changed on the ground. That’s literally free money so why not pick them up?

Reuse disposable items

I found that many so called disposable items can actually be reused. Start with just a few items you used to throw away such as aluminum foil, plastic sandwich bags, and you’ll eventually get accustomed to reusing and repurposing.

Downsize your needs

Live in the smallest house you can fit into, wear clothes until they wear out, reuse everything, use the Whole Buffalo approach to every bit of food that comes into your home. And, it goes without saying, don’t buy it if you don’t need it.

What are your favorite money saving ideas? Please share in the comments!

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