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Most of our long time readers are familiar with author Joe Nobody- See  Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview a few months ago.  I’ve read many of his books and a running theme is the importance of defense in a survival plan:  if people are feeling threatened and unsafe, they will not able to properly obtain water, food and other needs to survive.

Prepper Press provided us with a giveaway copy of Joe Nobody’s latest book:  The Home Schooled Shootist:  Training to Fight with a Carbine.

For a chance to win, just leave a comment below on the following subject:

What priority have you given the area of “defense” in your survival plan and why?

The winner will be chosen in a random drawing among all the comment writers.  Contest ends on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 8 pm Central, and I will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

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  1. My wife and I are planning on getting our ccw soon. Once we do my father in law has a few pistols he is going to give us.

  2. I’ve given Defense a high priority in my preparedness plan. I’ve done this because I feel it is a critical part of preparedness. If a person is brand new to prepping then perhaps they can put defense on the back burner and concentrate on the standard Food, Water, Shelter.

    After one reaches a certain level of preparedness I think people have to give defense a serious looking at. You can’t keep what you have without some way to defend yourself, your loved ones, your community and your stuff.

    Firearms and the training to use them are very important to Preparedness but should not be the first thing on the shopping list. Get the basics squired away first.

    Also in the realm of defense I look at security in general. It might be a big scary dog or a little yappy dog that deters a burglar/looter. Or maybe security upgrades done to the entry points of your house are where you want to put some of that cash earmarked for defense.

    Maybe a person has a moral issue with firearms and instead opts to learn a form of martial arts? I think that is a great idea no matter of many or how few guns a person has. Stay/get fit and learn to defend yourself empty handed.

    What ever form of defense a persons plans take the shape of it’s an important part of preparedness. Like any other skill keep it sharp and keep learning. There is no such thing as knowing to much or having to many skills.

  3. I’ve always had this high on the list and the next few months I plan on kicking it up a notch. I don’t need a concealed carry liscense in most parts of Alaska, however I’m going to take the class and also a tactical shooting class in the next few months.

    I also belive self defense goes beyond firearms and includes physical fitness and habits, such as being aware of your sourndings.

  4. Food, shelter, water are continuing, never complete tasks. Same goes with defense. There’s always something else that can be done. I obtained my CCW here in California. We’ve put in a perimeter fence around the entire property. While you can climb over the back and sides, you can’t drive a vehicle onto the property. Across the front we have fencing and brush on each side of the fence to make it almost impossible to climb over. We put in a 6 foot tall, professional grade iron gate across the driveway. We have enough weapons and ammo to take out the strays but not to hold back an army. We have guard dogs big and small. Next is self defense classes.

  5. We are new to prepping (but not to guns), and on our limited budget so far we have prepped canned foods, dry foods, water, water storage, a gravity water filter, hand crank lighting and radio, flashlights and batteries, and a homemade rocket stove. We already had a limited supply of handguns, shotguns, and ammo, and we are looking to round out our gun collection with a scoped 22 rifle. We’re elderly, and so we get to carry our canes with us everywhere we go without any hassle whatsoever from anyone (whether we need them or not), and they will be used if necessary for close quarters combat (which they are very good for) if we are otherwise in any situation where we are forced to be otherwise unarmed. Ours canes are the indestructible polypropelene ones from Cold Steel, which our local Walmart sells for under $30! Our guns and ammo suplly will keep us safe from any armed intruders or unexpected attacks anywhere in public as both my wife and I carry concealed at almost all times. We need more ammo, and more of everything else, which we are acquiring on a monthly basis as our limited finances permit. We also have a large bag of 1,000 junk silver dimes which we bought decades ago, and we own our home, our car, and our motorcycles free and clear. And we have NO debt. So we’re in a better position than the millions of totally unprepared sheeple, but far from fully ready – which for us will probably be a never-ending proposition.

  6. Well, I have a bokken, a baseball bat, and pepper spray. I know I should have more, but I have been concentrating on gathering supplies and learning all I can. My friend suggested I get a shotgun, but I am having trouble finding classes nearby about using and caring for them. I may just go for a crossbow.

  7. Our Defensive planning includes CCW for both parents, and more time at the range to improve shot placement. We are both rather new to firearms, less than 5 years combined, and eager to learn more. We also have a rather large rescued dog for an early warning system. We are trying to maintain a balance in our preparations, but have been leaning more heavily towards firearms since the election.

  8. I just ordered a second Eotech for my 2nd AR carbine, so my wife can shoot the same platform as mine. As firearms are the funnest part of prepping ,Im ahead in that department. But my other preps are not too shabby by any stretch. I have a ccw ,and carry religously. The primary reason self defense is so important, well the right to live should not be infringed upon. Also what good is prepping to take care of your family ,iff some zombie can take the food out of your kids mouth. Also I generally hunt every year. Thanks for the read.

  9. Defense is a real high priority on my list. My own opinion is something along the lines of “Why bother to store up if you can’t keep it from getting looted?” not to mention my area is pretty urban and not all that lacking in criminals during normal times, if the shtf the chances of things remaining peaceful around here are fairly slim. That’s not to say I don’t have anything packed away for hard times, but I wouldn’t be comfortable getting a lot until I have at least one firearm and more defense.

    Before I started getting into prepping I collected swords so I have a nice little build up of those, as well as miscellaneous knives and a small crossbow. I am currently saving up for my first firearm though I intend to spend some time at the range before I make up my mind on what kind I fancy. I was planning on getting a CCW but recently moved to an area where they’re difficult, if not impossible, to come by without having been directly threatened or carrying copious amounts of cash on a daily basis (it’s ridiculous!)

    I’ve taken a few martial arts and self defense classes over the years, Krav Maga becoming my favorite by far and getting back into those classes are also on my list of things to save for.

  10. Unintentionally I’ve given defense the highest priority. It starts with picking my ‘go to’ place, because the first rule of surviving a bad situation is to be somewhere else. It also includes physical fitness, keeping a low profile, weapons, training and tactics. I even have plans to lay out my alt-home property with shooting lanes and non-obvious escape routes. I can manage to live in the woods with no conveniences, no food trucks, no electricity, no problems. But I may need to defend myself and others – and if I fail to do so effectively, all those other skills were for nothing.

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