August 23, 2016

10 Threats You Might Face When Bugging Out

August 22, 2016 aptprepper 2

This post is by Bernie Carr, When faced with a choice to stay home or bug out, most people would prefer to stay home.  But if there were some kind of widespread collapse, you may not have a choice but to evacuate.   In normal times, you could easily drive out of town and not have to worry about threats, but if it were a SHTF scenario, it would be totally different.   There will be many threats, and thinking about […]

Testing our Tap Water

August 18, 2016 aptprepper 0

This post is by Bernie Carr, I received a home Water Analysis Test Kit from  They make a variety of at home water test kits that test for ten different contaminants, including lead and bacteria. With the recent news about many city water being contaminated, I was curious to see if our own drinking water has bacteria or pesticides. The testing kit I received included tests for bacteria, lead, pesticide, iron, copper, alkalinity, nitrites and nitrates and chlorine. […]

Money Mondays: Assemble Your Own Zika Prevention Kit

August 15, 2016 aptprepper 0

This post is by Bernie Carr,  There is a lot of concern about the Zika virus in Texas, since the first Zika virus death occurred.  A few days ago I got an email from my employer about Zika prevention and it included a flyer from a supplier selling Zika prevention kits. I thought the pre-made kits were on the pricey side so I decided to write about assembling your own. What items should be in a Zika prevention kit? […]

Expiration Dates Explained

August 11, 2016 aptprepper 1

When dealing with with food storage, we always check expiration dates and try to get the furthest expiration date possible.  But product dates can get confusing, as various descriptions appear in different types of food. Difference between “Best By,”  “Sell by,” “Use by” or just plain “Expiration Date” Here’s a handy infographic from Kitchen Sanity ( that helps sort it out: For more information on expiration dates, check out these articles:  Is Expired Food Safe to Eat? Is Expired Bottled […]

Money Mondays: Should You Keep Receipts?

August 8, 2016 aptprepper 1

This post is by Bernie Carr, One of the challenges of staying organized in a small space is dealing with receipts.  Receipts from purchases, bank transactions seem to keep multiplying and cluttering up pockets, wallets and purses.  It is tempting to just get rid of them.  However, I have found you need to keep receipts for a certain period of time before discarding them. Dealing with receipts: Cash machine transactions:  When I use the ATM I keep them for […]

When You are Ready to Buy Precious Metals, Visit APMEX

August 4, 2016 aptprepper 1

I would like to welcome to our newest sponsor, APMEX Investments, your online source for precious metals. A few months ago, I described my visit to a gold dealer.  However, visiting an online store makes it more convenient to purchase precious metals.  You can order gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals at the lowest prices using APMEX’s secure, hassle-free, real-time online ordering system. Why buy from APMEX? There are a number of reasons why APMEX is a leading precious […]

Emergency Prepping for New Renters and A Great Sale this Month!

August 2, 2016 aptprepper 0

  This post is by Bernie Carr, I’m excited to share I just wrote an article for Allstate and it just went live!  See First Time Renters:  5 Emergency Preparedness Tips.  Check it out and share! Also, I wanted you to know my first book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide (Kindle Edition) is on sale the whole month of August.   Normally priced at $8.51, it is now just  for just $1.99, so this is a great deal.  Just click […]

Money Mondays: Stock Up on Bargains and Boost Your Supplies Before Summer Ends

August 1, 2016 aptprepper 1

This post is by Bernie Carr, August is a great time to boost your food storage and emergency supplies.  It is still summer, but the back to school sales are upon us.  With the warm weather,  it is also prime yard sale season in many areas across the country. Now is the time to shop end of summer sales on camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, outdoor lighting, outdoor cooking accessories, summer clothes and footwear, and backpacks. Summer […]

Time Traveling Anthrax Bacteria Sickens People

July 30, 2016 aptprepper 0

  This post is by Bernie Carr, Apt Prepper son spotted this piece of news this morning via Reddit and The Washington Post:  Russian authorities evacuated a remote area in Siberia after anthrax killed 1500 reindeer and sickened around 40 people.  Possibly more people, mostly  exposed to the bacteria.  They have sent biological warfare troops and quarantined the area. What is anthrax? Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis.  According to the CDC, the type […]

Five Survival Lessons Learned from Star Trek Beyond

July 28, 2016 aptprepper 2

This post is by Bernie Carr, I am a huge Star Trek fan and did not miss my chance to see Star Trek Beyond on its opening weekend. We already know that a lot of new developments we use now were inspired by Star Trek, but watching the movie got me thinking about survival.   After all, getting through seemingly impossible situations happens a lot in both the TV series and the movies, so there had to be some tips […]

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