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Teach your Kids to Be Prepared

Jake and Miller

Jake and Miller’s BiG adventure:  A prepping book for kids

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  1. Hi Jeanette, You are prudent to be concerned about privacy. I have written about keeping your supplies private in this blog as well as maintaining security. I will write an additional article about these issues. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Janelle, Sorry, I hadn’t realized the subscription via email had dropped off the page. Thanks for calling my attention to it. I added you to the subscriber list.

  3. Wanted you to know I bought your book and have really enjoyed reading it. It certainly has me looking at the things I have and showing me what I lack! I like that you made the chapters short and right to the point. Good job on the book and any more coming sometime soon?

    1. Prepper Mama Rose, The only other book I’ve written so far is my e-book How to Prepare for most Emergencies on a $50 a month budget – for those readers who want to prepare but have very little $ to spare. Thanks so much I appreciate your kind comment.

      1. I have heard of some people contacting the mormon check in their area and they help them store food (rice, beans, dried milk, etc) for a very modest fee. Have you or do you know of anyone that has done that and what was there experience like.

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